We have repeatedly addressed the importance of implementing a SEO strategy for your business website. We are prepared to cope with the broad changes and dynamic algorithms that make up any updated strategy. Are you?

If you feel rather overwhelmed by the changes implemented by Google, we understand you perfectly.

The large amount of information is not easy to process, but for this there are now specialists in Digital Performance Marketing, to whom you can call at any time of the development of your brand.

Your mission is to make sure that the business is working at full capacity, the responsibility of marketers is to feed one of the company’s drive – the digital.


In 2019

SEO takes on new dimensions and opens up new opportunities you have to deal with. And the digital performance marketing specialists know better than anyone that myth-based statements, according to which a certain SEO strategy will ensure the success of your website, are rather utopian.

We have tried so many that we can say for sure that every business is just as unique as its audience.

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As a result

Personalizing strategies is the most effective and the only method that really works.

Choose an agency that knows to work according to such a method and you can enjoy plentiful benefits.


Here are the most important 5 aspects to consider when choosing the SEO agency:

1. Ask Google

When you are looking for an agency to entrust such a mission, you have to be sure that you are choosing a team whose work  prides itself on its quality.

Whether you get recommendations, organize a pitch or look for the agency personally, check its activity and presence on Google and Social Media.  Because you are choosing those who will be responsible for your website SEO, right?

How well does it take care of its own image?

How active is the agency?

Are its pages updated and tailored to your cyber needs?

This may be an excellent exercise where you step into the client’s shoes while looking for a service to suit your needs. You play the role of one of the thousands of clients you hope to visit your website if you implement SEO with a particular team.

This is the first test the agency needs to pass. If it manages to convince you with its online presentation, it’s got potential.


2. ‘How was your experience?

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Once you get to the agency’s online pages, a wise and natural step is to read the testimonials.

Check the opinion and what kind of experiences other people had in collaborating with the team you desire. And that’s where the notes and reviews from Google (My Business), Facebook, LinkedIn, and even the comments from the Social Media platforms come in.

Remember that there are dedicated websites for employees and former team members, where you can find sincere company insights to help you make the best choice.

If you want to really do your utmost, take a comprehensive online tour!

A great review is a great review. A bad review is the worst! (Don Winslow)


3. Where there is no chemistry, there is no strategy

The online presence has managed to convince you and you have already set up a meeting with the agency that can take care of the image of your business?

Now is the time to see if there’s any chemistry between the two of you. And we’re not kidding! A sincere connection is needed to liaise well, and this cannot happen unless sparks fly at the first meeting.

Check if the agency is willing to meet your needs, if you are flexible enough to get the brand to take wing with the help of tailor-made and up-to-date SEO tactics within the current dynamic context.

Mutual understanding of the needs, ambitions and responsibilities assumed by each party are as important as any other kind of relationship.

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4.Check results

Once you’ve met, the relationship gets a new dimension.

Now you can ask the agency to show you the results in figures, obtained in other SEO campaigns and projects. Review those that are close to your field of work in order to get a clear picture of the potential of your new collaborators.

Organic traffic, orders, if any, bounce rate, click-through rate and other such indices may be discussed to give a true image of the reality and potential of your collaboration in this area.

Remember, however, that your business is unique and will grow with a different dynamics than other companies. The figures can, however, stand as proof of the marketing agency’s skills and as assurance that keywords and links optimization is in good hands.


5. Do your homework

Go to a meeting with specialists. It’s normal to want to make a good impression in your turn.  That’s why we urge you to consult a specialist dictionary or pages with basic marketing information if you do not already have a minimum training in this area.

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Like you, marketers want to be understood, appreciated and collaborate with professionals.

And that’s not all! Knowing a bit of the basics of marketing, you can see how up-to-date or prepared the agency is to deal with digital changes and to support your projects in the medium and long term.



Choose a team you are ready to give your trust and freedom to implement the right SEO strategy. Your business deserves all that is good, including a professional website optimization, constant updates and streamlined communication. Finally, the goal of the new team is to convince the market that you deserve the first rank in online searches and in their daily choices.