We have had a beautiful relation with the Official Tourism Authority of Thailand in Romania for several years now, and we have reached our 4th project arising from their novel ideas, digitalized for the Romanian and Bulgarian online markets.


We started from a semi-digital, semi-real treasure hunt, in which blogger Mihai Jurcă went to Thailand, following a jury decision, together with Cabral Ibacka, and we followed their adventures from home on thethailandrace.com project, as he later became one of the most appreciated tourism influences. We were then writing a dedicated case study, with figures, images, and the whole works.


Then followed

An online B2B academy dedicated to tourism agencies from South-Eastern Europe, where companies learn everything they need to know about the areas, the beaches or the travel secrets form the “Land of Smiles”, as the country is called, on the online app which is very smartly developed, with gamification and trip prizes for the best agency apprentices. And since then? Over 330 companies have been reading, following videos, conducting questionnaires and participating in competitions on the thailanda.travel platform.


In 2018

We teamed up really nicely with representatives of Thailand’s office in Prague, Bucharest and Bangkok, together with the vlogger who is a millionaire in terms of the number of subscribers in Romania, our friend Mihai Hash (Viral Studios), who had one of the most interesting adventures in beautiful Thailand, resulting in 4 dedicated episodes on YouTube – a mini-series with more than 330,000 views

Marketing Online

And this year?

We drew up and developed a B2C photo competition dedicated to Romania and Bulgaria, together with the Underweb partners, with whom we have been building the Romanian internet for almost 10 days. We like nice designs and proper technology, but we like numbers just as much.

Marketing Online

And the numbers in 2019 are as follows:

In the campaign period 5-30 August 2019 we generated more than 85,000 visits on the platform, through the Google Ads campaign, with a total of 664 conversions, 350 participants who uploaded images on the platform, entering the competition which concluded with 6,090 likes for the pictures and 4 winners (2 in Romania and 2 in Bulgaria) who will soon leave for Thailand.


Some inside information in the end

Over the past few years, the Bangkok office has seen a record number of Romanian tourists who have arrived to beautiful Thailand. All is well that ends even better.