An unplanned context both for Craft Interactive and for Inlight Acting School was turned into a success story. Inlight is an private school practicing its own pedagogical methods mixed with a form of personal development based on modern acting from USA. This is something difficult to exploit in the online environment and making it difficult to find the right balance between business and art. Inlight’s passion for original acting projects is what triggered the Agency’s high performance in this project.


Craft Interactive’s digital aproach

It consisted in improving the school’s marketing policy through consultancy and digital marketing services. We started implementing the strategy by redesigning the site in order to adapt the online image for mobile phones, optimizing the search engines, moving the web infrastructure to Romania. Activating digital Search Advertising channels linked with Social Media produced increased the communication visibility of the Inlight philosophy messages. This online solution provided the school with a sales channel for those interested in the arts of film and theatre. The decision to abandon the classical promotion media was a good one, enabling cutting by 160% the cost per new client.

The Agency’s performance marketing

It started to produce results a few months later and to bring qualified leads to the school, materialized only 2 years since Craft Interactive has been managing the Inlight project in 12 teams of actors comprising approximately 150 persons who have written and performed plays on stages in Bucharest (Godot Café, Teatrul de Artă, UnTeatru, etc.).



The Inlight school actors who played in Adrian Sitaru’s feature film ”Illegitimate” stepped on the red carpet in Berlin, Paris, Odessa, etc. and received awards at some of the most exigent film festivals in Europe, being subsequently selected to participate in other festivals on other continents. There was an accelerated awareness directly evident in traffic and in the conversion rate. The Inlight School together with the Craft Interactive Agency have found the solution to stabilize the school’s business marketing which is now bringing leads with low costs and on a constant basis, most of them organic leads.

”The world of art is fascinating for an obvious reason: the people in this world are absolutely fascinating and this becomes evident in the awards obtained by the Romanian actors and directors in Berlin, Cannes a.s.o. This exerts a sort of attraction… and influence, which is obvious in the way we work with them and in the results obtained that, in the end, tell the whole story.”  
(Liviu Florescu – Craft Interactive)

”When you build up an acting school out of pure passion and the desire to explore, it is difficult to consider it a ‘business’, you even reject this term more often than not. When Craft Interactive was telling us about ‘concrete results’, ‘awareness’ or other similar terms we feared that the image of our exploration center would become obscured under a corporatist cloud. But that was not so because the huge and probably very rare advantage of Craft Interactive is to be able to understand your needs and especially the atmosphere surrounding your project. The results they were telling us about became real, as they said they would, materializing in number and percentages clearly expressed and much higher than we had initially set ourselves to obtain. They have this gift of promising a lot and providing much more. We knew that what we are doing at Inlight is truly unique for Romania and their aim was to let the others know as well about this. Craft Interactive created connections that are difficult to measure or express in mathematical terms. In the end, when we draw the line, our most important achievement was the fact that Inlight is now asked to participate in dozens of projects by people all over the world not just from Romania.”  (Alina Grigore – Inlight)