Autumn and spring blooms include good news. The good news for the Craft Interactive agency is that starting today has received certification of Google Partners, recognized by Google as agency in the quality of the contextual advertising.

Partners is a global program developed by Google, and successfully implemented in Romania, for digital agencies (and not only) by which the certified members receive training and support from Google consultants, together with implementing strategies from contextual campaigns on Google Search and Google Display Network (Youtube, Gmail & network of Google sites). Certified members who meet the conditions of the examinations taken, the budget of a minimum 10,000 $ and fulfillment of the best practices in the Adwords system, are prepared for successful management of campaigns for clients with digital service needs.

The Interactive Agency Craft became starting today officially certified to handle contextual campaigns in every business vertical, on any type of mobile device or desktop. The accreditation has come as effect as a result of repositioning Craft Interactive 2 years ago as an agency of performance marketing with the business solutions integrated in the online environment. The performance marketing component from Interactive Craft will continue to be developed, the future plans for the agency are increasing budgets run through Adwords, developing internal talents on the Search and acquisition of new local clients or external investments brought in Romania by the Agency.

“I wanted that the certification is obtained as a consequence and not as a goal to accomplish, because I think it’s more important to deliver quality to our clients and then brag with the badge. Adwords is an extremely important tool for us, vital part from strategies designed for clients. We use the Adwords tool long before the appearance of Google Partners, but when you are officially recognized, too, you enjoy the oxygen that feeds the confidence in the team’s talents, and starting now we are open to deliver successfully Search Advertising anywhere in the world. I thank our special consultant in Warsaw, who has helped us from day one, warmly.” (Liviu Florescu)