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But instead of telling you what we are and what we do, we will tell you what we are not and what we don't do.

We are not suppliers, we are partners. We do not execute, we consult our partners. We are not looking for the culprit but the best solution. We don't hide mistakes under the rug, we exploit them constructively. We don't work for awards but for businesses growth.

We don't develop projects we do not believe in and we don't work with people we don't have chemistry with. We do not engage in businesses with negative social impact. We don't go to pitches, we craft marketing solutions for each partner. We're not talking opinions, we're talking numbers.

CRAFT Interactive team

Passion and discipline

Daiana Vasii

Daiana Văsîi

The Marketing Manager

Florin Voicu

Florin Voicu

The Designer

Maria Strati

Maria Strati

The Accounts Manager

Denisa Stanciucu

Denisa Stănciucu

The Graphician

Marketing Online

Liliana Patac

The Accountant

Liviu Florescu

Liviu Florescu

The Sales Manager

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In 13+ years of online marketing we have managed over 170 projects for 16 industries, on 3 continents.