Could Social Media be one of the most used expressions not only in Marketing, but in everyday life? There is no relevant case study, but we have every reason to believe that it is so.

Social Media brings us together, keeps us informed, cheers us up and makes us cry; at other times it helps us shed our frustrations and send messages that mobilize entire communities. It became a sort of enclave in our hectic world and most of us find it hard to break away from.

By its name, Social Media’s first aim is to make people socialize in an environment where there is no space and time limitation, and this has redefined the way and the means we use to communicate and interact with each other.

As marketers, in particular, we are aware of the importance and the powerful impact of this virtual framework. Because Social Media platforms bring so many different people together, we are dedicated to conveying positive emotions and useful information to transform the condition of our followers.

For business purposes, our goals are much more complex. Social media platforms are intended to transmit, beyond emotions and information, a lifestyle and to respond to the needs of a dynamic group of consumers.

And because none of this happens overnight, but also because Social Media is constantly changing, involving risks and medium-term solutions, choosing an agency to handle your business accounts is an important step in the progress of any business.

Whether you need Ads or comprehensive strategies, we prepared a top of the items that you need to check when looking for a marketing agency.

1. Testimonials tell the story of success

First and foremost, do your own research. Since the responsibility of choosing an agency to successfully manage your online accounts is a serious one, you must make sure that you choose the optimal, ethically and professionally correct option. So, read the testimonials available both on the agency’s website and on its social media channels and you can watch the story of your business success. Strengths and weaknesses taken together make a general true picture of the marketing agency potential.


obiective de business in social media craft interactive


2. Coordination of business objectives

Such collaboration must be based on the full and mutual understanding of each party’s ambitions and goals. The agency that will build your image in the dynamic and risky online environment must understand, empathize and promptly respond to your business objectives to help you grow and build not just a customer market, but a community of people who appreciate and support the ideas you convey.

Also, a team that is not willing to invest time and resources in understanding your business type, the message and the goals you set, will not be able to conduct online campaigns tailored to your profile and ambitions.

So, look for the team that is willing to go through a development process with your business, to know your target audience and who is eager to design customized and responsible Social Media strategies. In return, you have to put your trust in the professionals and give them freedom to act, so you can enjoy success as soon as possible.


3. Updated tools bring results

An essential step in searching for a Social Media agency involves checking its online profiles – Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tweeter. If not so, how can a team guarantee results in Social Media if it is not active on social networks? The online presence will tell you more than you expect about the team that might be in charge of your image and your relationship with the customers.

Moreover, find out what streamline programs and tools the agency uses to rapidly create, implement and adapt strategies.

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Has the agency automated its working methods? Is it able to provide a fast response to last minute requests/crises/changes? Is it able to effectively analyze online performance and submit detailed reports?


4. Look for experience and performance

Experience is the mother of learning, isn’t it? However, do not look for experts in old agencies, with hundreds of managed accounts only. Sometimes, the best choice can be a small team of professional people with whom you can relate effectively.

But to make sure it’s a match!, ask for a few case studies to consider before making the final decision. These can clarify, with actual specific data, the agency’s performance, how it works and whether your work profiles match.


5. Adaptation to new environments

adaptarea in social media agentia craft interactive

In the case of business profiles, Social Media involves more than just posting photos and managing messages and comments, therefore an agency needs to easily adapt to set up and grow online communities that resonate with the company’s message.

If by constant and creative communication on social media, your business can respond promptly to any situation – whether it is to gather compliments or respond to criticism and consumer demands, you have the chance to change lifestyles and launch new ideas.

Any relationship involves risks and compromises and, for offline survival, a business profile on Social Media cannot omit these crucial items. Choose the partners who are willing to take on more, to think outside the box and turn any unhappy clients into happy people!

Social Media may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you have the chance to find the right team, for whom tea is an energy source. If you know what we mean!

Let’s have a tea together and share our business plans!