Knowing that our attention span has dropped a lot and that an increasing percentage of the global Internet traffic is oriented towards video content, the importance of videos on YouTube digital campaigns is significantly higher. What are Bumper Ads and how can we use them for efficient digital campaigns?

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A solution determined by human behaviour

According to the latest Google statistics, in 2019, 80% of the global online traffic is going to be oriented towards video content and the mobile Internet consumption is going to exceed 78%. Moreover, 1.5 billion people watch videos on YouTube each day and a person watches videos on their mobile phone for approx. 1 hour each day.  These are just numbers that show the impact and importance that video content is going to have, and this trend is on the rise. 

The data above says a lot about our behaviour, but we also know that we are constantly flooded with content and information. Which is why it’s vital for marketers to find the best means to capture our attention, at various times of day. 

Another important aspect is the fact that the interval during which we are truly paying attention has dropped considerably, from 30 minutes in the 30’s to 12 seconds in 2000 and only 3-5 seconds today. 

The solution for this context has appeared in the form of a 6 second video called a Bumper Ad, that captures the attention of consumers and is efficient in delivering the desired message in a very short interval, through a non-skippable ad.

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Bumper Ads should be included in any digital media plan

They are especially important in the field of mobile advertising with video content. Bumper Ads increase a brand’s impact by amplifying its awareness and the retention of the message. Other important reasons why we should use them are the huge number of people that you can reach and the fact that they are optimized for mobile phones. 

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How and when do we use Bumper Ads?

Given that they are very well adapted to answer the current demands of the digital environment, Bumper Ads can be used with remarkable results in any stage of the online activation:

  • Before starting the campaign, they can be used as teasers in order to draw attention, after which the story of the campaign can be developed through a longer video.
  • During the campaign, Bumper Ads can be used together with long videos or visual & search banners in order to accelerate campaign’s impact, thus leading to a significant increase in results.
  • For those who have already seen the message of the campaign, but have failed to perform the desired action, Bumper Ads can be very successful in reminding them of the message and determining the audience to take action in Remarketing campaigns.

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When creating a Bumper Ad

It’s recommended to use the most impactful scenes, images or sounds from the long campaign video, and useful to use several videos in order to avoid irritating the consumers with a repetitive message, the impact of which decreases after being viewed several times (ad fatigue). 

In addition, a Bumper Ad should have a unique message, based on the desired psychological objective: rational, behavioural, emotional or sensory.

  • A Bumper Ad with a rational message appeals to people’s logic. If the campaign video uses numbers in the message or highlights the qualities of the product or service, it’s recommended to use the most important number or the strongest quality.
  • A Bumper Ad is perfect for sending a behavioural message in order to convince people to perform the desired action – Call to Action.
  • In order to elicit an emotion through the Bumper Ad, we must choose the most important one and build the ad around it, by using images and sounds. 
  • In the case of a sensory focus, the most important aspect is the image, with the help of which we stimulate our target audience visually or aesthetically, in which case the Bumper Ad is perfect for serving the need for branding. 

Here are a few examples  

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Conclusions to take away

Include Bumper Ads in any digital mix, spread as many as possible and use them in any stage of the campaign in order to accelerate the results. Always choose a unique message for each short video, including sound in order to increase their impact and don’t forget about the objective of each message: emotional, behavioural, sensory or rational. 

Measure the numbers obtained by the Bumper Ads for the brand tracked in the digital environment and identify the impact of the short YouTube videos during various phases of the online campaign. You have 6 seconds to tell the story of the campaign to the right people, at the ideal time, on the right digital device.