Camera din Fata is that place with the living which includes teashop, cafe and store with direct sale or online, a place where time seems to have stopped in place and the taste of the coffee in the morning accompanying you until noon, memories of childhood are restored to life and the products here does not have been affected by a compromise. Craft Interactive, the agency responsible for all marketing strategy of Café / Tea, has developed a mobile version of the online store front room.

Right from the launching of the site, we started to monitor the behavior of consumers in the area of online shop, how to buy coffee, tea, which are the most popular products, from what devices to obtain online orders, and so forth.

Analyses of the market for online high consumption in Romania, increasing online sales of the shop, along with Mobilegeddon Google in April 2015, have made us take the decision to adapt the website to the Camera din Fata to the new digital technology for responsive design (scalability across all mobile devices, tablet or Smartphones), once we have identified the first order made on your mobile phone.

Camera din Fata
Camera din Fata

For developing responsive design, in addition to pleasant appearance, ergonomics of use and respect for the identity of the business we had some ‘ challenges ‘: typology of business pilot in consumer smartphones, choosing the type of grinding coffee, ease of finding the more than 150 choice of teas, the quantity of product purchased and up to 3 clicks on the mobile phone or tablet, pending the completion of the order.

In addition to the technical side, we believe we have a unique mix between a nostalgia on brand used in communication, ‘Mamaie’ (Grandma’) – mystical character behind the story and the current digital modernization, so with a little humor, we can say that it’s the first “responsive design grandma’ ” in the world.

Another extremely important aspect, at the level of business, is that we found the perfect mix between mobile devices and scalability of most modern technology the current web-site behaves exactly the same as a mobile application to be developed without native, so we have the ideal cheap alternative, the current mobile applications that are as well all, expensive.


Thus, whether the fans and customers of the brand are going to buy the tea, coffee and accessories from our online shop, or they are going to read the story on the blog, you can now do them, wherever they are in the Office, at work, or on vacation.

You are therefore invited to use and purchase mobile devices, perhaps the finest teas and coffees from Romania, from probably the most intelligent of the responsive design, on www.cameradinfață.ro!