Camera din Față becomes a favourite spot of anyone who steps inside it. All the more for the Craft Interactive team, who have worked with it for 5 years. All this time, we’ve worked together and grown day after day, right under the watchful eye of Mamaie (Granny).

Camera’s story is now well known on Social Media, as well as offline, with each online order or visit to the coffee shop. All these years, we’ve worked on this story passionately and we are continuing to spread the word.


Back in 2016

We took over the entire activity and presence of Camera din Față in the digital environment. Since then, we’ve been through major changes and adaptations, so that everyone that visits the website, places online orders or interacts with the page feels welcome and appreciated.

We’ve taken on the role of mediator between tea and coffee lovers and Mamaie, the character behind Camera din Față, that watches over all the activity, both in the coffee shop and online. And we’ve managed this successfully and increasingly well, year after year.


For the next 2 years

We’ve built a true love-brand, with a special identity. This is obvious from the reviews, that place Camera din Față at no. 1 in Bucharest in the tea & coffee and dessert categories and at no. 2 in the top best places to eat, according to Trip Advisor.

The average of 4.7 (out of 5), as a result of 1839 ratings on Facebook and 4.8, from over 840 people on Google, are undeniable proof of the quality of the services and products offered by Camera din Față. One of our duties, as an integrated marketing team, is to constantly monitor customer ratings in order to improve each aspect.



The online community

Of over 51,000 fans on Facebook and over 2500 followers on Instagram is constantly growing and becoming stronger. The management of the online profiles requires a certain specific character, that can be appreciated in terms of the type of communication used, the posted photographs and even in warm shades of the latter.

Planning and posting on Social Media respect the type of communication specific to the character Mamaie, that we’ve adapted to the requirements and preferences of the customers. Most of the customers are women with ages between 25 and 34, according to the statistics obtained for the Social Media pages.


To us, each aspect, no matter how insignificant it seems, matters. With the help of this information, we’ve managed to efficiently integrate the marketing strategies on all the channels of communication with current and potential customers.

Statistical analysis is part of our activities meant to help us understand and interpret the type of interactions that people prefer to have with brands. That’s why we adapt day after day, because Camera din Față is loved by Romanians and foreigners, by young and old people alike. We reach each of them using particular communication channels and customised strategies.


The customer journey in the online environment

Firstly, we created brand awareness, then we went beyond that, monitoring and customising campaigns and strategies for Camera din Față. Whether it’s Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or SEO, they’re all carefully measured and analysed to see how, why and where from tea and coffee orders come.


Starting in 2016 and up to the end of 2018, cumulated 835,329 page displays and 263,800 unique visits to the website, with an average time of 1.15 min spent there.

But what we’re really happy about is the conversion rate of 1.27% and the 1400 online transactions. Numbers never lie, least of all to Mamaie!


Thus, starting with August 2016 and up to the end of last year, almost half a tonne of coffee was sold. What is really amazing is the buyers’ choice to buy the specialties Cafeaua lu’ Mamaie and Cafeaua lu’ Tataie, Camera’s brands – prepared based on their own recipes. Moreover, 319 kg of tea and 284 kg of herbal tea were bought. Bucharest, Cluj and Timișoara are the cities where the most packages with products bought from Camera’s website have been sent.


In 2018

A coffee roaster was brought to Camera. We didn’t let the event go unnoticed, but in addition to the classical communication channels, we created a dedicated newsletter. This was integrated in a complex eMail Marketing automation, designed as a customer journey.


This contains a total of 39 customized newsletters, that are automatically sent to subscribers, based on the products and aspects that they love most about Camera din Față.

For example, the first e-mail that you receive after subscribing asks you to choose a favourite beverage, between tea and coffee. Once you click on your favourite, as a tea lover, you’ll receive a newsletter with useful information, blends recommended by Mamaie and stories from the tea shop. The same thing happens if you choose coffee.

We use newsletters to bring visitors to the website and generate conversions. It’s because each user reacts differently to the communication methods that we’ve used all resources available to us. And we track, from the background, each person’s journey to their first sip of Cafeaua lu’ Mamaie.


In the meantime

We’ve written 18 articles, that have led to an increase in organic traffic on the website. These articles are integrated into the Social Media plans and promoted through e-mail and on specialty websites and constantly bring in new visitors. Thus, 25% of the traffic is achieved organically now, influenced by the blog. And Mamaie is pleased!



In 2019

We are making sure that the story carries on during Camera’s seventh year. The website shall undergo a remarkable change and get a new look, that will help us bring in more satisfied visitors that we can turn into loyal buyers.

We will be pleased to say that this project that we are so passionate about has all the necessary resources to become even more of a favourite of people who love tea, coffee, a good word from Mamaie and desserts like the ones that they enjoyed when they were kids.