We need more green in our life

To paint our office green was not enough for us. We wanted to go out and do more than that! That is the main reason why we joined the Fă cadou un copac campaign, initiated by the MaiMultVerde Association. We played our role in reforesting Romania by donating sapling once with every new or finished project we engaged in.

To us, climate change is not a myth but the reality we are committed to fight.

We support passionate people

We believe in people’s passions and we help them, anytime we are given the chance, to reach higher for their dreams. For this reason, we joined the InLight School of Acting at the beginning of its journey and helped it gain a well-deserved acknowledgement from the public. Through the means of digital tools and of the best performance online marketing strategies, we promoted not only the school, but also the InLight Theatre Festival 2016.

We support cultural activities and art in all its forms

We’ve been alongside Sighișoara Blues Festival since 2005 as main sponsors. Later, in 2010, we became strategic partners, as standing proof of our permanent involvement and unquestionable pleasure to work together with beautiful devoted people. Sighișoara Blues Festival annually brings together thousands of music lovers and international artists. And in order to carry forward all the love and appreciation for the quality music, we carry on providing assistance and resources to promote the event.

Caring for the future

In 2015 we supported the De la capăt project of Voltaj. The song reached the Eurovision finals and touched millions of people’s hearts all over Europe. We ensured that our message is spread and heard not only by all parents who had fled the country to work abroad and left their children behind, but also by an entire country that needs to become aware of the dangers imposed by this phenomenon. Therefore, we focused on promoting Voltaj’s song having in mind an entire generation of children.