No matter what market segment you are addressing, Email Marketing can become an essential component of any communication strategy, offering a high ROI, creating customer loyalty and ensuring performance.      

In 2016

The online environment has continued to grow, reaching approximately 17 billion devices connected to the Internet (approx. 46% of the Global Population has now access to Internet). Regarding email and it’s usage, in 2016 there were around 4,6 billion email accounts and 215 billion emails have been sent daily worldwide.

Email Marketing

Has continued to be the dominant marketing channel in 2016 as well, generating 174% more conversions than Social Media, with an impressive growth of the email open rates on mobile up to 68%, while Marketing Automation has brought 320% more revenue than regular emails compared to last year.

Email Marketing Agency

Marketer’s Challenges

An efficient Email Marketing Strategy usually has several goals that must be reached, such as: to increase engagement rates, increase customer acquisition and to improve customer retention, increased results and a good data base management based on the customer’s behaviour.

If implementing the Email Marketing Strategy also reduces marketing costs, this channel can become the foundation for the company’s marketing evolution and it’s efficiency is determined by the Email Marketing solution used that should be scalable and offer the necessary optimisation possibilities that allow these goals to be reached. 

How to choose the Email Marketing Solution?

Before making a decision we recommend making a good analysis of the Email Marketing Solution (SAS) and if you choose to have an agency handle your Email Marketing than it’s added value consists of the strategy it proposes, it’s proactive ideas to grow the performance markers and it’s ability to make the implementation phase as important as creating the strategy. In this case, the client’s role will be to identify the importance of the Email Marketing channel in terms of reaching it’s business goals.           

A good Email Marketing Solution is one that allows you to easily automate the signing up and sending process, to collect as much data as possible about the Subscribers (allowing you to also create dynamic content targeted to each segment of your subscribers list), that allows one to easily implement Branding elements, that offers detailed reports and that can ensure a cost that is adapted to the frequency of communication and to how big the data base is.

Email Marketing Agency

Craft Interactive’s Email Marketing Solution

Guarantees that the emails reach subscribers’ Inbox and not their Spam Folder, offering smart branding options no matter what email client or device the Subscribers are using, having multiple options for personalising the content of the newsletter with the help of a very user friendly content editor, dynamic content personalised to each segment of the data base and a very complex and detailed reporting system for each campaign.

Using modules with artificial intelligence from Craft’s Email Marketing Solution one is able to grow performance because the solution communicates with Subscribers based on their actions, organically cleaning the data base after each newsletter sent by excluding the email addresses that are not active or the email addresses of those who have unsubscribed. This way the efficiency of each campaign grows since the solution takes over a part of the company’s communication with it’s clients that would otherwise be done manually.

Email Marketing Agency

At the present moment

Craft Interactive’s Email Marketing Solution is used by 7 clients out of which 3 are managing internally the email marketing process with the agency’s remote support. We are at this time reaching an average open rate of 22%, 16% average click-through rate and over 62000 carefully selected Subscribers are receiving with their permission emails from the solution each month.

Are you looking for an efficient Email Marketing Strategy? Write to us and let us know how we can help.