In October 2015 we created, deployed and managed a national campaign for the Euromaster multinational company in the Michelin group, one of the main players in the tires market at the global level.

The situation

Euromaster invited agencies to manage the winter campaign in order to generate leads for sale tires, choosing Craft Interactive Agency that proposed digital environment for the implementation of the proposed strategy.

The reasons

Euromaster is not just a simple seller of tires but also a national player in a complex system of service type of tire and auto revisions based on programming, offering value-added services. Therefore, the consumers’ experience with the brand had to be smart and unitary from the first click until the confirmation of the programming in one of the 25 of service centers in Romania, integrated in the campaign.

The solution

“This winter starts at 7°C” was the explained concept, that in addition to the generation of leads that came up with a smell of education, the myth of the tire fitting at a certain date or the first snow – there is still in the conscience of social inclusion.

Craft Interactive built for Euromaster an online platform through which consumers have requested extremely fast programming experiences for Craft Interactive the winter tires with specific dimensions of the car held, on mobile phones, devices, and by geo-localization they have been programmed in the nearest service. According to manufacturers, winter tires are mounted when the outside temperature lowers below 7 degrees Celsius, regardless if it has snowed or not. The fear of accidents, fines from the traffic police or the crowds produced formed in the services were the three reasons of purchase, communicated in all environments in which the Euromaster campaign was present.


The campaign started ‘before starting’ by articles produced in specialized websites, giving the buzz’ wanted, and from October 15 until December 15, interacted with the Euromaster brand in the social environment over 1.69 million people, 2,500 searches in Google serviced goal of the campaign, more than 1.877 million banner views on display advertsing in the most visited sites of Romania claiming the company’s brand awareness.

Through 1,500 emails sent (newsletters) on carefully segmented 208,000 visits psychological profiles were brought to Euromaster lead generation landingpage, delivering a campaign conversion rate of 6.42%.

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