Artificial Intelligence – a concept more and more talked about today that instills fear, like anything new. A natural perception, which comes from the ‘unknown’. Psychologically, it seems that we overcome fear once we discover more about this unknown. But what is Artificial Intelligence and how can this ‘concept’ help businesses of today and tomorrow?  

Let’s Shed Some Light on That

The term AI (Artificial Intelligence) is first being used in 1966 and in the Computer Industry the role of these “artificial agents” is to maximize the success rate for a set goal. We are daily being helped by these agents – when our car brakes work more effectively in case of risk, when we are being notified by our mobile phones that there is the possibility to be late to a meeting in our calendar, when Gmail let’s you know a day in advance before your flight to make the online check-in, or when a digital campaign enters a negative performance trend. Therefore, Digital AI is not a Terminator robot that will end the world…the AI tools are simply algorithms with preset conditions and actions, programmed to make decisions a lot faster than the human being. In time, decisions become more and more efficient, since there is a learning process from data and results.

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We are living an interesting trend… resources and properties are not as important as in the past, and the generations Y, Z or Millennials think based on other values, not better, not worse, but different. Weather we are aware of it or not, we only want to learn the information that is of direct interest to us, that is attractive to us, but at the same time we are trying to deal with the information overload, which is difficult to cope with. Probably the exchange value that we will all be ‘fighting’ for in the future will be data, and success will be determined by our talent to interpret and use this data, to reach business objectives.

Intelligent Automation in Online Communication

It looks like monthly reports with campaign results are not so useful anymore, since today even taking decisions on 8 hours old data set is becoming outdated the next morning, when our brain is not even fully awake. Marketers are changing their focus from “How to measure performance” to “How do we used the data and make faster decisions” to increase performance. How would it be like, if while we are sleeping, a certain ‘someone’ takes decisions on our behalf, without being tired and unmotivated, so that in the morning, we can enjoy the increased results!?

In this case we would have much more time for ideas & decisions, because an automated communication system based on results and behaviour can increase customer retention, brand awareness and conversion rate. Probably tomorrow’s marketers will be more “thinkers” than “doers”.

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Plans Not Always Match Reality  

We at Craft Interactive take decisions based on instinct mixed with reasoning, and in online campaigns it’s one thing what you are planning, and another the feedback that you receive from those targeted through the communication strategy. The final answer is always being dictated by people’s behaviour on different channels, which is translated into data and not only by how creative the message is. Running a digital campaign becomes therefore as important as it’s planning and the attention is being given to the data gathered that is being used to make decisions, since one of the main advantages in the digital field is the ability to correct and modify while the campaign is running. Here is where the role of the digital strategy supported by artificial intelligence comes in and directly determines the performance.

If You Don’t Know Where Are You Going, Then Every Road Is The Right One        

But what if you do know where you are going and to whom you are delivering the message to, and instantly see if it worked or not? Our digital strategies are based on results & behaviour, correcting mistakes organically and artificially, constantly optimizing the conversion rate, because today is not really so much about how many people like your post on a social network, but about who they are, what they are doing and how to target them through every channel, analysing the “traces” they leave through digital media, or how Google called them ‘micromoments’ looking for howtos’ on YouTube, searching on Google, jobbing on LinkedIn etc.

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We do not believe in competition, but value collaboration. Therefore, we developed partnerships with other agencies and companies around the world, making available for our partners different types of instruments that are relieving their workload, such as an extremely user friendly reporting solution, that shows results in real time from the website, social media channels or the campaigns we manage, so we are taking smarter decisions together.

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We are using mechanisms with Artificial Intelligence modules in Email Marketing campaigns, generating personalized messages based on results segmented into audiences, with A/B Testing approach in development stage, social networks, as well as Google AdWords campaigns, increasing performance with marketing automation. We have tested our unique model for companies in different market niches, noticing how our customers become amazed and relaxed by the results (that are sometimes impressive for us as well), as well as by a clear understanding of Craft Interactive’s role in their businesses.

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