This year, Google is prepared to launch new products and tools useful for marketing specialists, all for the purpose of helping small and large companies develop quickly. Each of the products placed on the market during the Marketing Innovations Keynote 2018 in July aims to offer brands the possibility of running high-quality, transparent campaigns.   

From the beginning, Srindar Ramaswamy, vice-president of Google Ads, emphasized the need for high-quality, transparent and reliable advertising, oriented towards the needs of all Internet users. Actually, all specialists in the field need to concentrate their efforts in order to provide experiences that are relevant and useful for all.

Living in a world where the possibility of obtaining information quickly determines the level of stringency and user expectations, Google aims to ensure that it only displays ads for real products and that it offers the possibility of personally controlling your options. This way, it offers a consummate online experience, both for buyers, and for those providing products and services.

Strategie digitala Google

For the purpose of helping people living in the 21st century to easily deal with day to day challenges, Google has identified the consumer’s profile – curious, demanding and eager. Thus, marketing specialists need to adapt their campaigns, their digital strategies and their advertising projects to these characteristics, while also observing Google’s core values – quality, transparency and safety. That’s why, in the spirit of these specific trends and features, Google managed to innovate its products to a new standard this year.

Find out about Google’s innovations in the fields of marketing and advertising in 2018:

First of all, there’s a major change in the Google AdWords platform, that has been renamed Google Ads, as a result of a rebranding strategy. It now offers a much broader array of advertising possibilities using search engines, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play and others.

Google Adwords rebranding

In addition, in order to provide marketing specialists with more options, a new set of updated tools has been integrated into the Google Marketing Platform for the purpose of connecting the Google products and for sharing perspectives and constructive ideas.

For example, correlated with the new tools, Instant Reporting analyses and instantly reports the activity of online advertising campaigns, thus managing to offer the desired results in a short timeframe.

Another change introduced by Google this year concerns Double Click, that shall be renamed Search Ads 360 in 2018. It contributes to planning, buying and measuring the effects of ads on Google and other search engines.

Moreover, even Display & Video 360 is improved, and now combines features of Double Bit Click Manager, Campaign Manager and others in order to include all advertising channels – audio, video, tv. Therefore, they can all be managed using the same platform.

91% of smartphone owners have bought or plan to buy based on the online ads that they consider relevant, while 3 times as many people watch video ads. Google is also improving the YouTube platform. Since the 1.9 million monthly users watch 1 billion hours of video each day, YouTube is offering great new opportunities for marketing specialists to make their products and services known. Thus, True View for Reach, True View for Action and Maximize Lift Bidding are being launched. Each tool is created in order to increase brand awareness possibilities and facilitate website conversion rates.


It’s only natural that increasing brand visibility is amongst the main purposes of responsibly created advertising campaigns. The Maximize Lift Bidding tool introduced by Google uses Machine Learning to reach as many users as possible that could be encouraged to buy after viewing a YouTube ad.

The chances of users becoming clients of a company go up if they come into contact with an ad that is relevant, useful and unique, just like their needs. Therefore, Google is launching Responsive Search Ads – a flexible and simple means of creating online marketing strategies for improved results. This tool combines and finds compatibilities in the Google texts and descriptions in order to customize ads. In addition, it offers more flexibility, with over 90% more space for text.

Did you know that 50% of smartphone owners give up on online purchases because of website navigation difficulties or because of page loading times?

In an attempt to facilitate this aspect, Google proposes Landing Page Speed, a tool that measures the mobile loading speed of landing pages. The score that they receive helps identify problems and optimize the website in order to ensure a satisfactory experience. In addition, one phenomenon that is as real as possible consists in accessing websites throughout the day from several devices, either your personal smartphone, your work laptop or your tablet, which makes it more difficult to efficiently monitor page dynamics. In order to solve this problem, Google is introducing Cross Device Reporting and Remarketing as part of Google Analytics. This system combines data from persons visiting the website multiple times per day, and using several devices. The ads subsequently reach relevant groups of buyers or potential clients.

But Google hasn’t neglected small companies in 2018. Smart Campaigns is an essential and easy to use tool for small companies to save time, focusing on the aspects that they are directly interested in – offering quality products and services. This tool scans the website and creates optimized ads that it displays to potential clients in the area. In the USA, half of small companies do not have a website, while in Romania, one third of Romanian small and medium enterprises don’t have an online identity. Even in the case of those that use a website, they do not have the time or the expertise necessary in order to create an optimized and efficient website or digital strategies. Smart Campaigns collects the relevant information and creates pages for small companies. Simple and quick.

In order to help companies with local targets, Google has launched Local Campaigns, which succeeds, in just a few easy steps, to promote representative businesses, based on the user’s location. This year, Google is also launching Smart Shopping campaigns, for the purpose of maximising the number of online conversions. Using an efficient system, the website is scanned, along with its products and features, creating versions of ads and recommendations optimized for users, based on their searches.

Google Measurement Partners

In addition, travel agencies and hotels can benefit from another new tool, Hotel Campaigns. With the help of this tool, you can establish various groups of users from around the world as targets, and you can also develop customized digital strategies.

Last but not least, Payam Shadja, Google’s Production Management Director, presented Google Measurement Partners, which consists in the work of 23 collaborators in key areas such as legal liability, safety measures and brand growth. These collaborators propose novel, reliable and adapted digital monitoring solutions.

Therefore, in order to manage to understand your company’s clients and the potential buyers of your goods and services, Google changes, updates and places new marketing tools on the dynamic 2018 market. Your campaigns need to be monitored both carefully and quickly in order for you to make the best decisions and exceed the market’s expectations.

Craft Interactive is the Romanian agency continuing Google’s mission of offering companies successful solutions, that it provides promptly, in accordance with the current trends in digital marketing. We can help you discover, understand and take advantage of the announced changes in order to develop your brand.