In the dynamic world of online shopping and their promotion, knowing exactly what Google Ads PPC strategies to use for online marketing can be a successful operation or a total failure in eCommerce. Fortunately, we are here to help you with useful tips that can help you develop the right digital strategy.


To help you find or improve your online marketing strategy, today we’ll talk about the most important Google Ads campaigns for eCommerce:

  1. Google Search ads;
  2. Google Shopping ads.

Google Search

Google search campaigns are probably the most popular Google Ads products because of their longevity. Google Search ads was Google’s flagship advertising platform (also known as Adwords), displaying text ads when a user uses specific keywords to search for a product or service.

Google Search (search campaign) is different from Google Shopping (shopping campaign) because of the way the platform works. The search campaign gives you more control over the keywords you use to get your products seen.

Google Ads Shopping

Ads in the Google search engine also allow you to test more text, services, or product categories to capture users’ interest, but unlike the Google Shopping campaign, the ads displayed in the search campaign are text-only.

Google Search


Google Shopping

Online shopping ads, specifically Google Shopping Ads, are probably exactly what you need to sell products online. In order to create Google Ads shopping campaigns, you must have a well-structured online store, a product feed (an electronic file with products available on the website, updated in real time) and connect your online store with the Google Merchant Center platform.

Google Shopping campaigns appear first at the top of search results. You can’t compete with this type of visibility.

Google Merchant Center

While Google Search uses keywords to serve ads to the right people, Google Shopping is a bit more complicated… Your online product visibility depends only on the product feed. It contains the necessary information about your product – price, brand, size, name, color, etc. The product feed needs to be carefully optimized to target the right searches in the Google Ads shopping campaign.

All of this data shows an ad for Google shopping products, including relevant pricing and review information.

Google Shopping


Our suggestion: take advantage of both types of Google Ads campaigns in your online advertising strategy

If you want your online store to be successful, we recommend investing most of your advertising spend in a mix of Google Ads ads, especially search and shopping ads. Participation in both platforms often leads to increased visibility of the buyer’s entire journey, from research to purchase.

Think about how a user’s research and acquisition journey into the world of eCommerce spans multiple devices and is made up of micro-moments, long before he or she thinks seriously about the purchase. If you focus only on search campaigns (Google Search ads) to make your brand more visible, you may miss a great opportunity to optimize your online sales strategy.


Promotion in the digital environment is more complicated than it seems, but don’t worry, we always come up with tips & tricks to help you with the right digital strategy and efficient optimization. And if you prefer to leave online promotion in the hands of specialists, we are here to help your business grow.