Have you wondered why certain digital campaigns are a success, while other are barely appreciated even by the creative team?

It’s not enough to have an idea, you have to also communicate it excellently, so that you can achieve your objectives.

Since, nowadays, the digital environment helps us build a lifestyle, gives us advice and reminds us each day of what we like, we have to discover how and to whom it communicates. Then we have to use these tactics in order to achieve the objectives of the campaigns that we are running.


Even in late 2018, smaller or larger businesses are still learning how to use the digital environment to get the best results and to communicate their ideas efficiently and quickly.

Luckily, there are digital marketing experts that have managed to uncover the secrets of online promotion and communication.

We’ve managed to use all of the data that we’ve collected over the years from various marketing experiments in order to improve the results of special campaigns, bringing the right message to the attention of the target audience.

And because we want to share the greatness of our small discoveries with everyone, we’ve drawn up a summary of a few online campaigns managed by us in the context of 4 great events in Romania.

What was the purpose of these digital campaigns?

Our main mission was to get people to leave the cosiness of the online environment, where messages are delivered easily, and a lot of events never make it past the Interested in stage. This target audience needed to leave the online environment and get offline, it had to actually be present at the events.

Thus, using smart tools and strategies, we’ve managed to develop successful events together with thousands of people. And since this is about people, Social Media is the perfect environment to communicate the various events organised for them.

digital mix build

Before the campaigns

We look for inspiration, appropriate methods and, most importantly, data that we can rely on to start the campaign off.

We start with detailed research and by establishing clear objectives. Our clients already know that we achieve our objectives and that we rely on numbers more than anything else.

Before planning everything out, all the members of the team contribute with their experience and knowledge. No digital marketing campaign can be a success unless it uses all the instruments available on the market.

That’s why we’ve decided to use everything, from Google Ads and Social Media, to Email Marketing and even personal accounts, since the projects that we are in charge of are so dear to us!

Here are 4 examples of successful campaigns and how we used the data to improve the results of Romanian brands through events supported by the digital environment:


2018 marked the 22nd edition of Goodwine, but it wasn’t until 2016 that it started putting the digital environment and performance management to good use, with the help of our agency.

In order to bring the most important convention dedicated to wine and the winemaking industry in Romania back to the attention of the online public, we started by redoing the website. This was followed by a search engine optimisation (Google), a much better organisation of the online content with useful information about the event or tickets to the convention.

Thus, the website became a relevant portal for HoReCa and retail representatives, wine lovers and journalists, who could submit their requests online. All it took was a few clicks.

Because Social Media already played an important role in everyone’s lives in 2016, we concentrated the financial efforts, as well as our enthusiasm, on Facebook. The event created here gathered all the people who love quality wine and provided them with all the information that they needed with regard to the big event.

In turn, the visitors of the website were redirected from the dedicated Facebook page. The communication continued here even after the convention ended and, during the event, the persons involved in the event received customized ads, geolocated within a radius of 2 km around Romexpo and reached the event through a single click.

Are you curious about the results that our strategy yielded? Find out from the video:

Theatre and music

We are very passionate about art and beauty, so it’s been our pleasure to get involved in cultural events over the years.

In 2016, we supported the first edition of the InLight Theatre Festival, together with the InLight acting school. We used the most efficient instruments in order to reach theatre lovers by communicating a novel event in Bucharest online.

In addition, we gave the organizers the chance to enhance their reputation and to place more trust in the power of digital marketing in order to offer a successful event.

For starters, we created a landing page containing useful information with regard to the festival. The target audience for this type of event was on Social Media, so we used all of our Facebook tools to reinvigorate the page and we communicated information on the page of the online event.

With the help of the data that we had gathered on the behaviour and preferences of the target audience, we developed the Social Media communication strategy.

It’s crucial for Facebook events to be managed efficiently. The communication with interested people must be even more convincing, since it has to transform more and more online visitors into participants.

The objective of the event was not only to improve its image, but also to create brand awareness and to get a large and very diverse audience to participate in this kind of offline cultural events.

inlight festival

Sighișoara Blues Festival

2019 marks the 14th edition of this prestigious event. Craft Interactive has supported this event ever since the beginning and, in 2010, it became a permanent sponsor and strategic partner. Therefore, we were not only in charge of the marketing strategies, but also of the brand and communication strategies.

Even in its early years, the Sighișoara Blues Festival had already won the admiration of blues fans in Romania and abroad, but it needed a significant presence in the Romanian online environment.

There have been 4 versions of the official website, with the last one being updated for the 2019 edition. Since the options in terms of digital design, format and presentation have evolved so much, the website needed to be modernised and optimized both for desktops and for mobile devices.


We successfully managed to transform a few communication channels into a pleasant environment for the people who were interested in the event. Over 15 years, a community of the fans of the Sighișoara Blues Festival has emerged and we constantly interact with this community on Social Media.

Nowadays, it’s much easier for the festival’s reputation to extend beyond the country’s borders. As proof, there are over 5,500 videos taken during the festival and posted on Youtube, tens of thousands of articles written about it, over 8,000 people in the audience, 60 artists and over 2,500 hours of great music.

The numbers speak for themselves!


We have a very pleasant, long-term relationship with the Dracula Daneș Domain. There’s no doubt that trust and professionalism are the most important ingredients and that they’re the reason why we were together when the domain celebrated 25 years of activity.

The moment was marked by the first edition of the Dracula Horse Festival, an equestrian event in the communication of which we also got involved. Once again, we used all the resources available to us, counting on the power of digital channels and the fact that the Domain is quite appreciated in the online environment.

In addition to Social Media, our contribution was the use of E-mail Marketing. This allowed us to reach all the interested persons in a customized, unexpected way. The communication thus extended to several online channels.

Ziua 1 – Dracula Horse Festival

Atmosfera de vis, mulțimea în extaz și bucuria de pe fețele oamenilor au transformat prima zi de festival într-o experiență care merită povestită. *****Ziua 1 | Dracula Horse Festival

Posted by Domeniul Dracula Daneș on Sunday, October 21, 2018

We convinced people that it was worth it to try something that they were interested in. Thus, the results of the campaign speak for themselves. Over 1,400 people participated in the event, of which 1,000 were first interested in the Facebook event.

A lot of people went online and shared their feedback and appreciation of the organisation and equestrian shows that took place at Daneș, so we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the organisers and their partners!

After the event

This kind of campaign is never over at the end of the day when the event took place. Quite the contrary, all the instruments can be used to bring the remarkable moments to the attention of the participants, as well as everyone else. This can be an ideal moment to announce future editions, to ask for constructive feedback and to encourage people to talk about their offline experiences.


Therefore, digital campaigns and online communication must be taken just as seriously as any other type of interaction with possible clients or beneficiaries.

Unfortunately, we cannot measure enthusiasm, happiness and positive atmosphere. Otherwise, we would have other numbers to talk about, but we’ll always have the memories and the fact that we are a part of such remarkable moments is a source of satisfaction that does not need to be measured.