Google Ads is one of the pillars of a successful digital campaigns. When your business needs support, including Google Ads in your plans is essential.

And if you are looking for an agency to entrust this responsibility to, make sure it is the best option available on the market!

The more enduring the collaboration, the greater are your chances to enjoy consistent and efficient results for your business.


Here is what you should look for in a Google Ads agency:


  • Google certification

Did you know…

… that Google certifies the specialists individually, and only afterwards the entire agency?


So, if you want to work with real experts, check their certifications, which are usually displayed on the company’s official site.

Because, truth be told, we all like to show off our great successes.

Moreover, the certification has a one-year validity. In this case, you can be sure that every single campaign made for your business is in good hands, as they constantly update their knowledge, keeping up with the progress of the entire digital world and with Google’s developments, at the same time.

In its turn, Google recommends its certified agencies, according to its own selection criteria. Look for the certification badge on the website of the agency you intend to work with and you will be provided with the guarantee of a correct and transparent recommendation from the greatest partner you could have – Google itself.


  • Old projects, new projects

Google appreciates and grants a positive rating to the agencies having a longer history working in the customers’ business accounts.

Equally, if you want to personally test the efficiency of Google Ads specialists, ask to see their customer portfolio upon meeting them and identify the oldest ones – the length of the partnership, the results etc.

Surely, new accounts may be a sign of efficiency, but the old ones provide the assurance that the agency’s work has gained the medium- and long-term appreciation of the customers and of Google equally.

campanii google ads


  • Time is money

Google Ads is a business channel.

You should not be surprised by the agency’s request to allocate time, at the beginning, as well as throughout the collaboration, so that they may understand your business, its developments and changes, which are of constant concern to them.

You have a common purpose – adapting your Google campaigns to the business and market needs.

The Google Ads platform is the same for all of us. It is important for the agency to use it efficiently to your advantage, and, this requires patience on your behalf, as well as detailed research from the digital marketing team.

Further on, depending on the needs you identify together, you can set up the budget for the campaigns, so as to attain a realistic target as soon as possible.


Thus, choose a team willing to allocate enough time to know and understand the specificities of your business, as well as of your customers and competition.


  • Your relation with the agency

Last, but not least, this element is just as important as the ones listed above, if you pursue the medium and long-term development of your projects and results.

When you have good chemistry from the start, do not hesitate to choose the right team to make your dreams come true. Your ambitions for the same project should resonate, because the type of relation and the interaction dictate the end result.



You should know that Google Ads is not for everyone. You need to be patient, clear-sighted, professional, and always ready to face changes. For this reason, when you choose an agency to take care of your business, try to identify all these features in the people you will be collaborating with. This is your first step to success!

If you are looking for personalised and successful campaigns, you can always find us online!