Are you investing time and resources in Social Media channels and not obtaining the results you desire? A recommended approach would be thoroughly understanding each channel and, most important of all, understanding the behaviour of those who you are targeting on Social Media channels. Let’s start this journey together…


Continues to be in 2017 as well the preferred channel for marketers. According to a study on Social Media channels conducted by Search Engine Journal at the end of last year, 62% of the respondents said that if they were to choose only one social media channel for their marketing activities, that would definitely be Facebook. In Romania, Facebook can be a vital marketing channel due to the fact that there are over 9.6 million active accounts here.

Regarding Facebook posts, it has been noticed that good quality creative images are the ones that attract most engagement, at a small distance from videos , which ideally should not be longer that 1 minute. When posting links, you can increase their efficiency by using very attractive images and a headline that contains a compelling Call to Action.   

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An efficient communication mix on Facebook is composed of images and links that are artificially supported by Facebook Ads, in order for the message to be seen by more people, since images get a far better organic reach than links. Our recommendation for Facebook is daily communication composed of a mix of elements such as inspirational, educational, positive content and less promotional inclined posts focused on selling your products and services. The success of the communication is determined by the emotional content of the messages, which can be contextual or visual.    

Numbers tell us that people spend more time on Messenger than in the News Feed, therefore companies have already started to look at interacting with people through this method and some of the brands have already implemented Artificial Intelligence on their pages, optimizing the time they spend on chat, in order to increase the performance of the leads and sales obtained through this instrument. Probably, not so far from now, Facebook’s Messenger will be a game-changer for digital marketing.


Has become one of the most popular Social Media channels, with over 600 million active users worldwide, 95 million daily posts on average and 10 times more engagement than Facebook. Instagram is the ideal channel for companies that can express themselves visually, giving them the opportunity to interact with their fans and form long term relationships with influential partners. For Instagram, creative formats for images and especially videos with their own visual identity are recommended and when looking at the whole feed it should be pleasing to the eye, always respecting the Brand’s identity.

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The text that accompanies the images should be as short as possible (“Less is more”), it’s maximum recommended length being 220 characters, with simple hashtags, without using too many. Just as on Facebook, the more involvement there is for one post, the more visible it is. The best times to post are 11.00 – 13.00 and 19.00 – 21.00. Instagram is perfect for expanding Facebook Ads and also offers a very friendly solution to artificially promoting content straight from the mobile phone.


Offers marketers unique opportunities to relate to those they are targeting and for positive results it is recommended useful content that the reader is interested in. LinkedIn functions on reciprocity: Like & Share other people’s posts and they will Like & Share yours. Brand statistics show that 50% of the people will be more inclined to buy from a company they interacted with on LinkedIn and 80% of them are eager to receive relevant information that is useful for their professional development. 

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If we agree that beautiful relationships are built upon interesting conversations, than the success of your LinkedIn posts is based on the same principle. LinkedIn members appreciate inspirational content, which has added value (“The Morning Starter”) and posts that have valuable content, made using a friendly ton of voice, published at the appropriate hours reach more members and are distributed further. Daily communication is recommended, made early morning or in the evening, accompanied by a link that helps continue the story that has been started with a share, where you do not have much time and space for stories. Even though the advertising platform is more expensive than that of other networks, the quality of the results is more “expensive” as well and LinkedIn Ads or Sales Navigator are ideal instruments for your Business to Business (B2B) needs and can generate impressive conversion rates in “Lead Generation” campaigns.


If you are not very familiar with the benefits of having a Google+ account, you might probably have the tendency to overlook it or to not dedicate as much time to it as to other Social Media channels. Google+ is the only Social Media channel which allows text formatting and which can bring a wider visibility to your Brand, supporting the SEO strategy. Posts can organically reach the first page in Google searches and the content can be automatically distributed on other important channels, such as My Business or YouTube. 

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A post that will have an impact on Goggle+ should have a bolded title, a link and a large creative image. Then, it all depends on how well you match the post with your Circles and on the relevant hashtags that you will use. Here as well, the saying that an image is worth more than 1000 words is also valid, the efficiency of your communication on Social Media channels being directly influenced by the image you choose for each post, because apparently valuable content can be ignored if it is accompanied by the inappropriate image.

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Our Recommendations

Make a thorough analysis and gather as much information as you can about your target audience, carefully following the reactions you get for each type of post you make at the appropriate time for each Social Media channel. The success or the lack of success of digital communication is determined by people’s reaction, it is important what you communicate, but it is as important the way you do it. Apply the specific tactics for each channel and avoid communicating the same way and at the same time on all of them. Your Brand’s messages do not need to reach everybody, but only the right people, therefore we recommend audience segmentation based on interests, demographic, location or based on the results of previous campaigns, applying A/B testing for each aspect.

P.S. Old content does not need to be old, if you use it replacing the existing image, the message or the target audience you might have unexpected and surprising results.

You are not getting the results you want from your Social Media campaigns? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it! We invite you to write to us.