Instagram is on the right track

Given that, at the moment, it’s the social network with the highest engagement, we can honestly say that Instagram is on the right track. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, Instagram is the second most popular online platform after Youtube worldwide amongst teenagers.

Amongst young people with an average age of 16, Instagram is the second most popular social network after Snapchat, worldwide, based on a study conducted by Piper Jaffray. During the last year, the time spent viewing videos on Instagram has gone up by 80%, according to Instagram, which led to an increase in the number of businesses creating advertising on Instagram.

What does Instagram currently do?

After introducing Stories and Live2s, Instagram allowed users to make their story heard. Now it’s easier for them to interact with their community, making things more transparent. Instagram stopped being a network focused on 2D content a long time ago. Now you can show more of who you are and make sure that people understand you better.

The name of your business account can now appear in the Bio of your personal account.

Instagram company profile

Your representative hashtag can be featured in your account’s Bio. You can allow the other users that you talk to to see when you were last active. The Stories on your personal Instagram account can be automatically shared as Stories on your Facebook account.

Instagram Share Your Story To Facebook

The Story Poll allows you to get to know your audience better if you ask the right questions.

Instagram Story Survey

The so-called Slide Emoji allows users to express how much they like or dislike a certain Story or a certain idea as accurately as possible based on the Emoji that they use.

Instagram Slide Emoji

You can enable your Flash directly from Story, both for pictures and for videos.

Instagram Story Flash

Now you can share another person’s Story on your Story if you were tagged in it.

Instagram Story Mentions

You can have video conversations with your friends thanks to the messenger video chat option.

Instagram Video Chat

All of the above make Instagram a social network accessible to everyone, regardless of whether you want to use it as a private person or you intend to grow your business with the help of the platform. According to, teenagers with ages between 18 and 24 represent the largest percentage of Instagram users.

Everyone knows that young people nowadays are great video content consumers. That’s why Instagram launched the IG TV option, through which users can share videos up to one hour long. Last, but not least, on 20 June, Instagram announced that it had reached one billion users. This milestone proves how popular this social platform continues to be.

IG TV Create Your Channel

IG TV Upload Video

Instagram tends to have more and more influence on how content creators bring their ideas to life. The fact that it has started to focus on means of creating and distributing video content shows us, once again, that this is the direction that we’re headed in. In addition, Instagram is the place where content creation and social networking seem to mesh better than in the case of any other social network.

Regardless of which options they implement next, it’s clear that the digital environment shall enjoy this platform for a long time to come. As we say this, we are happy that this gives us the possibility to be closer to you, those who watch us every day.

Thank you and … see you on Instagram