Dec 2013 – Dec 2014

Branding, Awareness

Year 2014 has brought us the first client for whom we have embraced the clothing of digital full-service consultants for CEUMED, a multinational pharma, which has implemented the development strategy of the business in the Southeastern Europe together with the Craft Interactive Agency . Ceumed has come to Romania with a portfolio of products of the tenderer, some of them being notoriety and already award-winning in Europe for their quality, with other tested for the first time in the markets of the South Eastern Europe.

Comunitatea parintilor inteligenti

Planned actions in the beginning (December 2013):

  • The analysis of the behavior of the consumers
  • Niche analysis available in Romania: parents with medium to higher education, concerned in the development of children in a smart way
  • Start Social Media on Facebook community page in January 2014
  • Market studies using only digital environment with very accurate targeting, so before the launch of a product, we had already identified the needs of parenting
  • Launch of the brand’s website, under the slogan ‘ Love wisely! ‘
  • Planning and implementation of digital advertising mix 6 months
  • Launch of products at different intervals of time planned:
    • Sudocrem-protective cream
    • Infacol – suspension to relieve colic
    • Nosko – nasal aspirator
    • Dologel – gingival gel for pain caused by teeth growth
    • Maxiderma-cream to protect feet and hands
    • Hedrin-complete solution for the removal and protection anti lice.


In January 2014

  • We started SEO optimization
  • We have implemented PR strategy, launching press releases and articles in specializing magazines and websites (pharma, mothers, parenting, etc.) off & online.
  • We turned on the PPC Advertising to support searches made by parents, activating performance marketing service
  • We opened the blog SmartLove and we concluded partnerships to publish articles with:
    • Florentina Moldovanu – a renowned pediatrician in Romania, who wrote medical advice for parents.
    • Ana Nicolescu ( one of the most popular parent blogger who described real stories about her adventures with two little girls, every day and, as Love Smart products helped clever parenting process.
  • Implemented the digital advertising mix with display advertising, banners, fullsite brandings, newsletters inserts, etc.
  • We adjusted the video ads brought in Romania and we managed Youtube campaigns to sustain the branding.
  • All print materials (flyers, posters, rollups, etc.) were produced in Craft Interactive, for the offline visual support of the sellers who “attacked” pharmas, leading pediatricians, medical conferences, fairs and exhibitions in the industry.
  • We started Email Marketing, by subscription and sending newsletters dedicated to several thousand of subscribers, subscribed on their own database, with permission for brand awareness
  • Periodically, we held contests strictly on social media, supported by Facebook applications, making happy over 100 families that have received awards products Smart Love saying publicly their gratitude towards their quality.


Results in January 2015

  • After 1 year, the Facebook page communicates with over intelligent 55,000 parents, target is made up from the exact demographics established at the beginning of the communication the brand
  • 207,000 visits during the reporting period, 25% being obtained from Searching Google, 32% from display campaigns, the rest from the social networks, other sites, direct access or newsletters.
  • Over 2.5 million impressions of the ad in the Youtube.
  • As far as we know, nobody made a product market survey only using digital environment, making hybrid an enquiry as contest, obtaining answers with an extremely low error, for 1,000 respondents, in just two days, with 10 times lower costs than offline.
  • Sudocrem, one of the products in the portfolio of Smart Love became the first choice of mothers who shopped in pharmacies.
  • Smart Love, a brand of the CEUMED company today offers to romanian parents 16 premium products, for all the problems facing from birth until the age of 8 years.

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