Lucente digital marketing case study 2021-2022

Last year at this time, we started a beautiful collaboration with our partner Lucente.

From the very beginning it was an exciting project, in which we invested all the resources and all the energy needed to take everything to another level.

Lucente is one of the market leaders in the field of lighting solutions, and together we have not only visibly grown the brand, but we have created it from the very beginning.

Our partnership began with a branding done by the book. We chose the most appropriate name for the brand that was to be born, we designed the logo focusing on a simplistic and memorable visible identity and then we created the brand manual and continued with its development both online and offline.





eCommerce was a website created from scratch, with a lot of imagination, a lot of desire, a lot of style and a lot of products! From ceiling lamps, to chandeliers, to minimalist or classic styles, Lucente includes all the models of lighting solutions you can imagine, for interior or exterior. In addition, the way to buy products from the website is done in a click!

Thus, since we started collaborating with our partner Lucente, we have managed to make the website visible to over 186,000 people, resulting in more than 272,000 visits created by them online.

Because females have a beautiful eye, 62% of visitors were women and only 28% were men, with the most frequent visitors being 25-44 years old, and the average time spent on the site was 1.59 minutes.



In our first year of collaboration, we had a conversion rate of 4.07% (from click to buy), and that’s what we call success!

Online Advertising

The advertising in the digital environment for Lucente started in full force. We activated all the advertising channels and thus we managed to reach the right customers and create a relationship with them.

In short, we have developed Email Marketing campaigns to send personalized offers to subscribers and to inform them personally every time Lucente has news. Thus, we gathered over 2,200 subscribers with an average opening rate of 27.6%.



From our online digital strategy, we could not miss the Google channel, the one that offers the best results in the field of our partner Lucente.

From Google Ads advertising campaigns, Lucente got the following results:

  • 16.90 million impressions;
  • 171,000+ clicks;
  • 1395 conversions.

google ads

 Social Media

Lucente’s Facebook page was created from scratch, implementing the new brand’s online communication strategy.

Organic, the Facebook page achieved a reach of 2.02 million in 2021.

“We’ve created over 300 posts so far, and we’re growing.”

Facebook Ads promotion campaigns have worked very well, given that a new account has been created:

  • 2.57 millions of impressions;
  • 31.000+ clicks.

We didn’t forget the Instagram page, where we also integrated the online store, thus reaching a reach of 400,000 people in 2021.

social media


Top sellers

The best-selling product categories were the most interesting for the Lucente business: spotlights, chandeliers and wall lamps. And we were happy to look at the numbers, glad that every month we saw progressive sales increases, until the end of the year!

So, this is our short story with Lucente after the first year of collaboration – beautiful, dynamic and full of satisfying results. We continue the path of digitization together and think of the most appropriate strategies for even greater growth, from year to year.

In this way we want to thank our partner for choosing us, for trusting our decisions as digital marketing specialists and we want this collaboration to flourish over many years.

“From naming to the online store and high-performance digital campaigns, CRAFT Interactive has proven to be the ideal partner for Lucente’s success!” (Cristian Ioniță – Owner Lucente)

And for you, those who appreciate aesthetics and quality in your home, we recommend you to choose lighting solutions from!



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