Marketing has grown in a few years as much as other industries in 10 years’ time, and one thing is for sure, namely the fact that the dynamics of this field do not keep pace with us.

On the contrary, whether we are agencies, businesses, or customers, we are compelled to keep up with a digital environment which constantly sets up its own rules.

And what do you do when the online environment changes its attire more often than a fashion influencer?

You have two options – either adjust as you go, or slowly disappear.

We are excluding the second option, although this is an unavoidable reality for numerous businesses which neglect the power of the online environment. Instead, we choose to provide advice and efficient services, keeping step with the digital changes we cannot avoid or ignore.

Our partner, Google, as well as other giants with whom we work on a daily basis, such as Facebook, Hootsuite, or YouTube, set the tone in digital marketing year after year. And we keep our eyes open and our mouses ready, so that we may be the first to click away, discover, learn, and implement the new trends, strategies and tools.

Thus, we are getting ready for a new wave of changes coming up in 2020, in terms of the behavior of the companies activating in this field, as well as in the consumers’ behavior. If the digital marketing novelties for the new year represent your concern, we have prepared a list of the most anticipated updates.


Here are 5 trends expected for 2020:


1. Take your personal assistant wherever you go

Anyone who actively uses a smartphone, laptop, or Google Home has had at least one discussion with their device. However strange this may sound, this happens more often than you would expect.

That is the reason why it is estimated that, in 2020, artificial intelligence will play an increasingly important role in our lives. For instance, we expect voice search to amount to 50% of total online searches. In other words, whether you are at home, at the office, in traffic or on trips, you can already take your digital personal assistant with you.

This means that you can ask anything, any time. And the statistics for this year indicate that the top searched word is how, followed by what and by best (according to Quoracreative). So people are searching for the best thing and the best information. 

Why is this important for your business?

Well, voice search changes SEO strategies, which must be adapted to the new dynamics and to a new series of phrases used by the searchers, in order to maintain themselves among the best in the industry. The more often you update the SEO, the more you help the AI personal assistant to provide specific answers searching your business.


2. The power of content in 2020

Since we have, inevitably, reached this point, we suggest that you check whether your site is up to date.

Voice search is not the only feature specific for the consumers’ new online behavior, but also the lack of time and patience to look through the thousands of results displayed per search.

voice search statistics

Moreover, people are now easily distracted by ads, by the first options displayed by Google, even by more attractive external factors. What you need is up to date, diverse, and interactive content.

Did you know that 38% of internauts give up on interacting with a website if they cannot find any useful information or if they encounter an unfriendly layout? As we are convinced that the speed and the look of your page are impeccable, all you need to do now is to make sure that you publish qualitative and resourceful content.

P.S.: Remember: video materials remain at the top of the internauts’ preferences in 2020, as well.


3. Hyper-targeting

With its unstoppable competition, with promotion and sale options that were not even dreamt of no more than 5 years ago, the online environment now provides impressive possibilities to marketers and to the companies, in terms of the Social Media, as well as by means of Google Ads or newsletter campaigns.

Do these digital marketing options sound familiar? If not, you are welcome to read our articles dedicated to choosing the right SEO, Social Media or Google Ads agency.

If you already know what we are talking about, the next step is to know your target group as well as possible and to outline its profile. Using these features, you can start hyper-targeting, which is something more, something having a greater degree of specificity than online targeting as you have known it so far.

In 2020, considering the online dynamics, you need to reach the people who your product/services address directly, otherwise you risk getting lost among the sea of companies which promote themselves online, and which, incidentally, do it well. That is the reason why you need hyper-targeted ads and nothing less.

We’ll tell you on the blog the steps towards obtaining the best results from a digital marketing agency, in terms of Facebook Ads or Google Ads.


4. The person behind the technology

Technological progress does not involve the disappearance of the human component.

We believe that a robot doesn’t really get human feelings, for which reason it cannot react to customized advertising, which conveys emotion. Customizing your communication with your target group is crucial as of now, so that you may be sure that you will stand out among the customers’ options in 2020, as well.

Whether you are sending out a newsletter, creating Social Media campaigns, creating videos or writing articles, address your audience directly, enhance the loyalty of your community members, send surprise-messages which they enjoy. In other words, your business should be friendly and transparent, it should induce trust in the most direct relation possible with your current or potential customer.

Surely, this is not the first, nor the last time you hear this urge, but it is important enough for the success of your campaigns for us to present it to you whenever we have a chance.


5. Chatbots


The future is here, and so are chatbots! In 2020, companies are placing their stake on virtual robots to streamline their online interaction with the customers.

What are the advantages? Chatbots do not pay any monthly fees, nor do they leave their virtual box, they always have friendly interactions with the internauts who are interested in the products and they always learn new things on their own. Moreover, they leave you enough time to deal with other important aspects of your business.

Chatbots are an indicator of service efficiency and quality, which propel your company into the technological future (the present, in fact), as well as in the consumers’ preferences. Feel free to ask Crăftuletz directly on our Facebook page.


Finally, we can note the fact that 2020 will propose a new technological dimension to marketing specialists and to the companies.

We are getting ready to update our practices, how are you preparing for the new year?

If you need advice, guidance or concrete plans for the future, do not hesitate to contact us!

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