Radio Romania Cultural is the only radio station in the country dedicated to cultural news, theater and music masterwors, which has been cultural information from 1952 until today. Starting with September 2016 it has a new online image by which aims to promote culture among Romanians in the digital enviroment.

The agency

Craft Interactive has been chosen, as a matter of outsourcing, to rebuils the online presence offering a new web technology, easy-to-manage, scalable to any type of device. The articles are now published quickly and the news flow is better organized, making it easy to manage the editorial team from radio.

The Agency has carefully reviewed radio’s internal procedures, identifying the major need for optimization of the time used in the new form of digital communication and technology issues specific to Radio Romania Cultural. The Online strategy is clear: quality unique content, easily accessed from anywhere, quickly published and spread into social media channels and in organic searches on Google.


Radio România Cultural website

The ability to watch live streaming of the studio anytime, track of all important cultural events in the country or read reports published European first time here, or they may disperse news in the pages of their own social media networks … everything on any type of web or mobile device.


The primary care introduced in the development phase of the project was simplification, in order to give visitors the ease in navigating the site, within the desire to keep readers online as much as possible on the new site, lowering the bouncerate.


“Radio Romania Cultural is a challenging, complex project. I was very impressed to find in Romania Radio a dynamic and willing  a team to make things cool, otherwise as a matter of fact, it’s the main ingredient for making cool projects with an institution of the State. Reading between the lines, one can identify my pride that, now, this nice project entered Craft Interactive portfolio”  (Liviu Florescu – Craft Interactive)

“We are very pleased with the collaboration with  Craft Interactive Agency.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a very small team and very young, but also extremely well prepared. Our website now has a new face, a more friendly and closer to the young audience that we wish increasingly closer to our programs. I am delighted with the result, I hope that the site users to be the same.” (Radu Croitoru, Radio România Cultural’s manager)