In the last few years, we’ve witnessed the rise or fall of many digital platforms, conceived for brand awareness or new business, and we’ve experimented many of them. Today, at Craft Interactive we are successfully using one of the most interesting channel in the online environment, that is also one of the channel that is most ignored by marketers.  

At the moment, the collective attention of the online environment is directed towards social networks, such as Facebook or, more recently, Instagram – showing an impressive growth. However, a fact that is less known is that the most users throughout the world and the highest digital engagement can be found on Google platforms.

Unul dintre cele mai eficiente canale digitale pentru business-uri


A product that evolved from Google Maps – one of the most innovative platforms of the last few decades, that changed the world as we knew it. This is an age when most people are content producers, the quality of images taken with pocket devices is equivalent to that of professional cameras and the most socially active persons endeavor to create uniqueness in their produced visual content, offered to companies for free.

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We, the people

Provide answers to build the online identity of businesses, give reviews and form the general rating of a brand – and 3 out of 5 people make decisions based on these ratings, when we are looking for reasons to buy online products or services. The place where all of these are centralized is Google MyBusiness.

The obtained results are easily measured on the platform and the data contained by it is extremely beneficial for companies. For a while now, Google has also connected them to other platforms used for digital marketing activities, such as Google Analytics, Youtube, Adwords, Google+ or Google Maps. You build your business image here and subsequently distribute it on other Google properties, used by people to fulfill various needs.

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Healthy online presence, plus new clients

When we book a table at a coffee shop or restaurant, when we want to make an appointment at a dental clinic, before signing an agreement between companies or even before buying a product from an online store (for which we are looking for additional information) … we make a phone call, that has come to be more important than ever for businesses. And the Yellow Pages stopped being hip back when MIRC was what Instagram is today.

We use Google to interact with companies, look for information to call them, set the route to reach them, analyse their general rating and see what they look like on Google Maps… all of this is managed ”behind the scenes” on Google MyBusiness.

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One example

Chosen from Craft Interactive’s creative portfolio: our partner, Camera din Față. During the last quarter, the brand has been searched 55,000 times, the images have been viewed over 284,000 times, more than 2,700 have made trips to the location using Get Directions and hundreds of telephone calls have been received.

MyBusiness Searches

MyBusiness DataSince all of the figures obtained by businesses are not obtained with dedicated budgets, but are what we call free media, we could say that, at the moment, Google MyBusiness is one of the most efficient platforms in the online marketing mix if it is well set up and attached to an integrated digital strategy.

More recently, MyBusiness has launched the possibility to publish posts displayed under the brand’s relevance in Google Search, offering new opportunities for the interaction of companies and users, an aspect that positively influences SEO health, together with Google+ or Search Console.

Craft Agency MyBusiness posts

Google MyBusiness

Also offers a very good opportunity to check awareness, measuring the data each month or from year to year, and a growth in this regard, supported by a Branding Search PPC-type Google Adwords campaign can be a perfect accelerator for the marketing growth of a company.

If you want to hear more about MyBusiness and how it can help your digital strategy, contact us and we’ll take care of your brand as well, together with an efficient Google Adwords campaign. We can become your partners on the road to success.