The year 2016 was decisive for us, turning our vision into the desiderate to become the most performant digital agency in the city. So we invested in instruments and infrastructure, in training and solid partnerships.

Now we have

 An ideal mix between marketing and digital, adding performance to our business and enhancing the results of our partners.

In 2016

We had 700,000+ visits per month involved in the projects or campaigns managed us, more than half of the visitors use mobile phones, 40% of the traffic is organic, and we have hundreds of thousands of conversions per month.

Once entered in the Craft portfolio

The clients receive reporting instruments clarifying the marketing status, together with our digital experience, with real time access to the results obtained from their digital investment. We are therefore an effective extension of the clients’ marketing, taking care of their budget and constantly refining the digital process we are dealing with.

Partnership with Google for increased performance

We have a 5-digit euros spent on Google Adwords on Search, Mobile, Display and Video Advertising. We became Google Partner Adwords certified agency for to the quality of the management for the online campaigns, receiving business support and coaching from Google to enhance our talents infusing the relationships with our clients.

Strategic partnership for Email Marketing

We have one of the most efficient email marketing solutions currently existing, with artificial intelligence modules and automation using responsive newsletters sent according to the subscribers’ actions or to the branding needs.
Marketing Online

Social Media expansion

Facebook has registered an unusual widespread use in Romania, having penetrated almost 90% of the internauts and making both us and our clients for whom we handle the social media very happy. Currently managing pages with hundreds of thousands of fans, our Facebook&Instagram Ads budgets are performance-based, alongside with an intelligent communication mix for the social networks branding, employing the most powerful targeting instruments.

The Craft Interactive approach

We analyze in detail the needs of our business partners and create a digital strategy adapted to the needs of each of them, managing our internal activities within a project management system (irrespective of where the people working on the projects are physically located), always having in mind the estimated results.Marketing Online

Market verticals

We are developing expertise on various market verticals where we have activated in the recent years, having reached the top on some of them and growing together with our partners from there on. We have used our digital solutions in FMCG, banking, pharma, medicine, technology, personal & organizational development, art and culture, tourism, going-out, marketing, logistics and auto, generating leads or sales increase in the B2B and B2C marketing objectives.

However, the most beautiful part of the Craft Interactive performance solution is that it can operate on any type of business almost anywhere in the world. Do you want to check? Request an offer.