The Crystal Dental Clinic has been elevating dentistry for over 17 years, it’s one of the most dynamic dental clinics in Bucharest, 10 practices with state of the art equipment, a team of over 20 specialists and a constant desire to achieve great results.

Studiu de caz Online Marketing Crystal Dental Clinic

The 2017 challenge

Building an integrated online marketing mix in order to generate appointments and amplify brand awareness.

We started out

In March 2017, after an audit, by implementing the digital marketing strategy. We had taken over a website with 2000 visitors and, in April, after activating the Search Engine Marketing channel, we had doubled the traffic and, implicitly, the number of online appointments.

Analytics CDC

What followed was

Expanding our collaboration, integrating the Craft Email Marketing solution in the clinic’s communication processes with customers. In June, we took over communication via social networks, mixing the monthly editorial plans with the advertising budget, accelerating the increase in the number of appointments and in brand awareness.

Video Crystal Dental Clinic

The brand promise

Was supported through content marketing, constantly posting videos and educational articles in the field of dentistry, blogger campaigns for increased visibility in relation to influencers and search engines. We then started to build a performance marketing model, with a team involved in all marketing activities, constantly optimizing online communication and the managed campaigns.

In July 2017

We were already a team dedicated to the clinic, consisting in the Crystal Dental Clinic, Craft Interactive, with the support of Vismark, which is when we started to think about Business Intelligence, correlating the brand audiences with the data obtained from the mix of the online environment, financial results and internal communication.

Crystal Dental Clinic Facebook

Then we took things a step further

After discovering difficulties in the remote exchange of files and information and a clear need for process optimization. We built a customized workflow with Cloud and a Task Management solution, through which it’s easy for us to remotely exchange the produced deliverables necessary for the entire mix of digital marketing, so that we optimized the internal marketing processes.

Each month

We activate planned promotions, with messages distributed throughout the entire communication mix: from Youtube campaigns, Facebook with Instagram, offline boards on the streets and inside the clinic, text messages on mobile phones, to customized remarketing campaigns in Google Adwords and automation in E-mail Marketing, for the Crystal Dental Clinic’s new customers.

Outdoor Crystal Dental Clinic

Data has become more valuable than gold

And we’ve started to integrate it, connecting the CRM system to the website and Email Marketing platform, so that together, we finished building the brand experience, that is multilaterally accessible to the people entering the world of the Crystal Dental Clinic.

Now we are focusing more on understanding the desires and behaviour of patients and less on platforms or processes. We know which newsletter subscribers have braces or implants, for example…we display customized messages to the audiences, that see videos or interact with the Social Media pages, we also customize the ads in their Google searches, in addition to the banners in the Display network in remarketing campaigns.

In the end of the year

The Crystal Dental Clinic celebrated 17 years of great results in the field of dentistry and we are happy that we contributed to the achievement of the marketing objectives, that exceeded 1,200 customers at the end of the year, plus the desired number of clinic subscriptions.

Performance marketing results inforgraphic

In 2017

We achieved a conversion rate of 2.28%, over 150,000 people visited the website, making up a  top spenders-type premium audience (more women with ages between 25 and 40 years old). The Google Adwords campaigns resulted in the ads being displayed over 5.9 million times, in more than 290 online appointments and 360 telephone calls. On Social Media, more than 1.5 million people saw the brand, with an 15% engagement rate, and, by the end of the year, the clinic had more than 22,000 Facebook fans and received a 4.9 star rating out of 5.

Now we say that

“Nowadays, simply creating a website and the recommendations of satisfied customers are no longer enough to get more people to visit the website and, subsequently, become patients of the clinic. The process of attracting new customers and building customer loyalty requires time, know-how, efforts and resources that dentists simply don’t have. Our partnership with Craft Interactive came at the perfect time and, thus, the bold strategy, that was adapted to the profile of the clinic’s customers, proved to be efficient and ensured our presence on several communication channels. The result? A team that can focus on the medical practice and increasing customer satisfaction; a lot of loyal and happy patients.” (Sorina Blaj, Crystal Dental Clinic)

“It’s fantastic to have a partner that believes in you and supports your proposals, together with a team that works with enthusiasm, to achieve a common goal. You can feel the magic in this partnership, because people’s energy isn’t bogged down by restrictions. Quite the opposite. I only have words of appreciation for the opportunity, of thanks to everyone involved, that helped us achieve great results in online marketing, in an extremely competitive field” (Liviu Florescu, Craft Interactive)

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