For any business, the beginning of the year means planning. While the challenges and changes brought about by the pandemic will continue to affect us both personally and professionally in unexpected ways in 2022, there are a few topics in our area of ​​expertise, namely online marketing, that need to be considered to be able to improve the performance of digital results. What should we consider? Digital evolution, confidentiality and sustainability.


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Digital: Keep up with the changes

The pandemic has accelerated the transition of people to the digital world, and companies have had to transform their operations to keep up with the new behaviors, needs and expectations of consumers in the online environment. Digital is now a full time job and will remain so!

This means that the transformation of digital marketing is one of the most important things for business in 2022. While it can be daunting to figure out where to start, don’t let the overwhelming nature of the transformation process stop you from making the necessary changes – secure your future digital strategy. Set realistic goals for this year and reach them step by step!

Improving digital maturity requires the involvement of all departments within a company and a focus on key elements, including:

  • Primary data: connect online and offline data sources and create a two-way exchange with customers.
  • End-to-end measurement: Focus on measurement and implement predictive strategies that can be used for measurement, such as assignment and conversion.
  • Agility: react faster to ever-changing consumer behaviors.

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Privacy: Respect consumer’s privacy and offer them real value

The news of changing privacy regulations and removing cookies from third parties has brought privacy to consumers’ attention more than ever. For businesses, the challenge is to stay up to date and keep up with all the changes. At the same time, marketers need to build trust and give the target audience a privacy experience. To do this, it is essential to respect people’s data options and provide real value.


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Google wanted Ipsos to interview 7,200 people in Europe about their data concerns, and found that people are happy to share personal information with companies they trust. As long as they know how information will be used and what they will receive in return.


As you plan your digital marketing strategy, whether it’s Social Media, Google Ads, or Email Marketing, consider these actions to make sure your marketing is both secure and effective:

  • Significant marketing: people want experiences that are valuable to them as individuals.
  • Memorable marketing: In order for marketing to be considered responsible and memorable, consumers need to remember that they have shared information with certain brands actively and voluntarily.
  • Easy-to-manage marketing: Consumers want to retain ownership of their information and want to feel in control. They should be able to review and manage how their data is used.

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Sustenability: actions speak louder that words

Sustainability is a broad topic and can be challenging to identify how to incorporate it into a marketing plan. Sustainability is no longer just about words, today concrete measures must be taken in this regard.

  • Highlight the significant changes your business has made, in transparent and measurable ways. Avoid “greenwashing”, do not make misleading statements about the sustainability of products or business in general, if you know this is not true.
  • Include sustainability in the existing value of your business, instead of positioning it as a bonus feature. List the benefits of sustainability along with other benefits of the product so that they become a consistent part of the brand experience.
  • Reward progress, not perfection: marketers can reinforce existing positive consumer behavior by showing how these moves contribute to sustainability efforts.

Digital marketing has not been and will never be easy, but the steps you are taking now – and throughout 2022 – can take your business plan to the next level.