The beautiful side of economic development in Romanian society is that new needs arise, permanently. The need for care is an absolute natural human form in three principal stages of life. So Care Family was created – the platform of care developed by the Craft Interactive Digital agency.

The platform

CareFamily intermediates care needs with suppliers in a manner that is simple and smart. Whether you are in search of bone, waste, caregivers for elderly persons or lessons CareFamily is the place where you will find it.  On the other hand, the platform offers to those who are looking for jobs or clients the opportunity to publish their customized online announcement, in order to provide services to beneficiaries with care needs.

Service providers can offer recommendations based on past experiences, and their selection is done by the area, budget, availability or notice of assessment received in the framework of the platform from the beneficiaries for whom they worked. The selection is made exclusively by the beneficiaries, the role of CareFamily is to provide information that bring value to them. Evaluation of suppliers involves a new form of social responsibility that CareFamily wishes to obtain together with the users of the platform.


Craft Interactive Involvement

Development strategy of the project, conceived together with the client was the first thing started in the summer of 2015. The branding, design and developing the platform have been gradually offered, and subsequently it was manufactured the promotion mix on various digital channels to attract the suppliers and beneficiaries in the platform, a recently started process, where the role of Craft Interactive is of partner on the digital marketing area with a project management applied.

CareFamily is currently in the largest cities in Romania, where the people have already begun to enroll, sign that it was well received. By the end of the year 2016, it would have to be implemented in all Romania and also  accessible to the Romanians from abroad.

CareFamily development strategy is simple, it’s a project that will never end. New developments have already started and the focus is on permanent improvement of the platform to provide the best online experience.

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