GOODWINE is the first and most important convention dedicated to wine and the winemaking industry in Romania. It has been constantly gaining notoriety and has organized an increasingly number of events but has been lagging behind when it comes to digitalization… until the agency Craft Interactive took over the online marketing activity.


We redesigned the site optimizing from the start the logistics costs because the previous version was slow, based on an obsolete technology preventing salability on mobile devices, the current Google optimization or integration with the social networks. We organized the online information more clearly to enable those interested in the world of wine easy access to the detailed program of the fair, to information about the tickets or the location. The site produced a relevant content for the wine industry and enabled the HORECA and retail representatives to place their requests for stands at the fair directly on the site.

Marketing Online

Then we initiated our digital strategy

Our approach was tailored to the needs of GOODWINE as part of the agency’s refined performance solutions to increase the results of each portfolio partner. And where do the wine-loving social groups spend most of their time? On the social networks, obviously. So we directed most of our budget and human effort to this online channel. Wine is about stories so there were online stories written through the eyes of the bloggers, which produced the desired ‘buzz’ and visibility in the digital PR area. The people visiting our site talked about it on the social media and their discussions were organically directed to the Facebook event with expectations regarding the 18th edition of the fair: new labels shown for the first time at the event, ‘backstage’ information from Romanian wine makers, the masterclasses organized during the event a.s.o.

Marketing Online


Now comes the best part! In November 2016, the online communication reached 548,000 people on the social media with 20% engagement rate, the discussions about the event on FB involved almost 26,000 people, the site received over 10,000 visits – mostly via mobile phones – and almost 40 items were posted on blogs. During the 3 fair days, 4,700+ people visited the Romexpo stands and related with 52 exhibitors, 80 wineries, and 300+ HORECA or retail representatives. All of them were able to taste good wine… which in the end is the very definition of a brand, isn’t it? A good wine!

The Craft Interactive Agency

Has closed a successful campaign, attaching the results obtained to the brand of the most important event in the universe of Romanian wine, on a dynamic and visibly growing market.