Creativity is not a process which is only specific to visual artists, but it is distinctive of digital artists, as well.

In an era where all things which are commonplace or repetitive are encountered with a point-blank refusal, marketers have the duty of cultivating their creativity, in order to respond to the consumers’ expectations and to an increasingly widespread market.

Thus, in highly effective digital marketing, every activity entails a creative process, which catches the attention, stirs emotion, prompts decisions and, as a bonus, becomes viral.

The new types of campaigns and sales generating strategies are, consequently, conceived in discreet creative ways, instead of along the lines of classic, boring advertising, only directed at selling products and services. Moreover, even the message sent through each channel of communication must be adapted and customized, so as to bring the business closer to the public and vice versa.

For that matter, digital marketing campaigns are more than mere promotion, whereas the role of creativity acquires new dimensions.


Here is what you should take into account when you want to assign new roles to creativity in the current virtual space:


  • Emotions

emotiile in marketingul digital

Every day, people reach decisions based on emotions, and the fact that marketing speculates moments in order to persuade the audience to reach certain decisions is no longer a surprise. However, in the digital era, a business no longer sells products and services, it needs to convey emotion and to share feelings.

Today, the people who gather around a certain brand resonate, first of all, with the feelings and emotions it conveys, with the stories it tells. Whether they use Social Media, Email Marketing or Google Ads, marketers must empathize with the customers and must meet their needs using more personal means and messages, closer to what the customer wants to hear.

As a result, creativity and originality become crucial factors in conceiving plans and strategies which stir emotions, first of all, and only afterwards the desire to buy.

In order to develop successful campaigns, start by getting to know your target group and make a note of the things your brand has in common with it. Develop your creativity towards stirring emotions and feelings which may cause the target group reach decisions which are favourable to your business.

This is not a simple process but, beyond the efforts of developing a brand, you can discover new sides of the creative process.



  • Aspirations

Today, people want brands to provide them with more than quality products or services. That is the reason why CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) emerged, whose role is just as important as the quality and the accessibility of the products.

The audience’s aspirations, desires and intentions obviously reflect upon the brands they interact with, and they take on the responsibility of fulfilling missions which are more important than the provision of the basic products and services.

marketing digital de performanta

Thus, the fact that people choose brands by taking into account the causes they support is becoming a reality. Precisely because the population is increasingly concerned about the environment, the situation of children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, about food safety and animal protection, it conveys such concerns to the brands it interacts with, expecting their involvement in causes which exceed their initial responsibilities.

But how can you keep CSR from becoming redundant and compromising you? Resort to creativity in order to stir in people the desire to contribute to actions having a realistic and visible impact, in order to maintain your business active in an area you could not have foreseen just a few years ago. The digital environment plays an essential role in disseminating information and in the success of your CSR campaigns, so use it sensibly!

Aspirations are increasingly higher, and marketing strategies need to readily adjust.

Is your business prepared for a great mission?


  • Communities

In digital marketing, in order to attain performance, companies must become aware of the new environment and of the dynamics of the new challenges. As compared to classic marketing, changes are much swifter and unexpected.

One of the elements of digital marketing is represented precisely by the communities of people formed around a certain brand. Social media naturally plays an essential role in defining these digital communities which communicate with and about the brand

As such, another mission which marketers have is to bring together people having common interests on a platform where they can socialize, joined by a common motivation, and to maintain their interest in the brand active.

comunitate online social media

Using creativity, marketing specialists must stimulate the community and always allure it, to side with the business. Ongoing communication and resourceful campaigns bring people closer to the brand, they make it more humane and approachable, generating long-term profit.

Use your creative power to obtain long-term results for the business and for its community!


Creativity may be encountered in the most unexpected forms, so it can be expected that a highly effective digital marketing campaign leverages all creative resources, in order to get a certain brand to reach a new level of success and notoriety.

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