Thailand, through the ‘Tourism Authority of Thailand’ with support from Quatar Airwais has started the competition Thailand The Race – race to Thailand by which teams from Romania and Bulgaria will participate in final race in Bangkok for Grand Prize.

The mechanics of the competition “The Thailand Race” is composed of 3 stages, anyone can join, extremely simply, on any web or mobile device, to go along with blogger Cabral Ibacka in the final race toward Thailand

In the first stage: register a video by trying to convince the jury why do you want to win the competition and you make an online account, recording the video and your data, until 30 September.

In the second stage: Collect as many likes and shares by promoting your page on, as to get to the top 10 competitors likely to go in Thailand. On October 5, the jury will announce the winner who will go in Bangkok along with Cabral.

In the third stage: Start the fun part. On October 22, the teams from Romania and Bulgaria will meet simultaneously in Bangkok, will receive a sum of money and a map to collecting points in the most interesting sightseeing in Thailand, on a predefined route for 7 days, being followed online on The winning team who will return to Bangkok with the most points will be enjoying the Grand Prize, life  trip in Thailand by 2017. Interactive Craft Agency was assigned to this digital project, providing consulting, creation, implementation of mechanics and promotion of the campaign for Thailand, through design services, UX, project management, SEO, email marketing and web production in partnership with  Underweb.


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