Dracula is no longer just a bestseller by Bram Stocker, the fortified medieval villages, protected by Unesco are no longer only of Romania, and Transylvania becomes, slowly, the country brand.

It is what we declare in the latest project launched online, a digital information  guide about Transylvania, offered to foreign tourists and not only. The project is part of a business strategy supported by American funds, which chose the Craft Interactive Agency to manage their online presence and communication with projects developed in Romania, designed to promote the beauties of Transylvanian and, finally, a niche tourist business, specific to the area

The motivation of the investment has gone from a private survey in the USA used for strategy, from which it follows that people buy today more memories (travels) and fewer things than in the past, and policymakers for tourists have changed, people no longer choose destinations but experiences, like the idea of a “travels through fortresses and medieval villages in Transylvania, in the green garden with flowers of Europe.”

transylvaniainns_siteTransylvania still keeps many secrets, even towards the local people, coming out to the surface more and more. The traditions are re-lighted, there are unique  tourist attractions increasingly promoted, like Sighisoara (one of the most well preserved inhabited medieval Citadel in the world), fortified towns, villages are in the process of restoration, inns and manor houses retrofitted or cities prepared for global travel requirements, such as Sibiu-former European capital of culture. At the same time, the culinary area excels in the authenticity and enlarges its quality, the events gather more and more tourists and more years to portfolios, ‘the road at height’ already famous – Transfagarasanul – has been dubbed the most spectacular way of driving and the flora and the fauna of Transilvania, rare on the continent, are documented by important foreign media trusts.

Transylvania Inns gathers in one digital place, all what could be more important at the moment for a tourist who has never heard of Transylvania, but for the one who is planning a trip there too, with a historical summary, a listing of the most important objectives to be visited and a small guide about how to get to Romania and what you can do during the most important events on the land behind Carpathians.

It is an opportune time, when technology and human behavior are modeled, and social networks gathered people. Theoretically, Transilvania is now in the pockets of tourists from anywhere. The project is in an early state, will be constantly developed, and in the fall the mix will be implemented on different channels, gradually, in the first phase in the USA, then controlled to other countries where there is increased interest for tourism in Transylvania.