News travels at the speed of light and so do digital marketing trends.  

Since in 2018 we analysed, measured, created and dared to place more faith in new strategies, we are ready to take off in 2019. If you haven’t found out about next year’s expected changes, we’ll let you know. Not only have we been monitoring the specialized websites, but we found out directly from Google what changes it has in store and, together with our clients, we’ve already tried do apply some of these new trends.

In order for 2019 to not catch you unprepared, we share some secrets with you:  

1. Video Marketing

Video Marketing

It’s expected that, in 2019, 80% of online content will be visual. In this new context, video becomes the most advantageous option for companies wishing to grow a brand and attract clients.

In the online environment, impactful videos have advertising content, but they also represent a valuable source of entertainment, which gives rise to new challenges for marketers.

The bad news is that we’re not going to tell you any of our ideas. The good news, however, is that all the platforms used in marketing have the video upload feature. Thus, you can literally play with your options – from ads a few minutes long on YouTube to ingenious stories on Instagram.

Therefore, video content can be amongst the cheapest and most advantageous high-performance digital marketing methods.

In addition, the Live Video feature is the novel element that Social Media platforms surprised audiences with during the last two years. However, this feature is expected to reach a new level in 2019. 45% of live video users have declared that they would pay to follow the online transmission of a celebrity that they are a fan of. Would you have expected such evolutions in the online environment?

2. Creativity at its highest

It wouldn’t be news to anyone that marketing success is a result of quality original content, but the diversity of the forms of online communication implies new approaches in creating such content.

Instagram Feed Creativ

It becomes crucial for every message submitted to the client to contain new and authentic information and to grab your attention immediately. Seth Godin says that today’s world means more information, more options, more freedom and more interaction. We completely agree!  

So, creativity is the main source that marketers must tap into in 2019. What’s different is the level of customization of the messages in the digital world. People want to get information tailored to their interests and the expectations that they have from the brands that they interact with, both on Social Media, and in Email Marketing. 2019 is only the start of a wave of individualized strategies.

3. Google Ads, where to?

Did you know that 30% of Internet users will have installed AdBlock by the end of this year?

You’d think that Google Ads would suffer, but the changes announced by Google are intended to stimulate the advertising process. In this context, as marketing people, we are constantly adapting to new methods and appropriate channels of communication in order to reach clients.

It’s equally important that the dynamics of the preferences of each consumer be fully understood so that new strategies can be integrated into an efficient and sustainable communication campaign.

Google Ads

In order to achieve successful results, marketers, as well as their clients, must follow the micro-moments in the course of a Customer Digital Journey more and more carefully. You can take advantage of each interaction of a potential client with your website by monitoring their intentions and behavior so that you can subsequently optimise your marketing campaigns.

This tendency is supplemented by an increase in the importance of high-quality, customized content that tips the scales in favor of companies running high performance marketing campaigns.

4. People and robots

What seemed unbelievable a few years ago is about to become normal in 2019. Get ready to collaborate with robots in order to offer your clients new online experiences!

Chatbots represent a unique and efficient way of directly interacting with current or potential clients, providing them with information about your company (brand awareness) or about products and services (sales).

This option will not only help you get more data with regard to their interests and intentions, but it will also contribute to the optimization of the direct and high-quality interaction process, which is a plus for any company.

For example, you can access the Facebook page of Craft Interactive and talk to Crăftuleț, a robot that is learning more and more from chat interactions and that helps us answer our clients’ requests quickly and precisely. Moreover, in 2019, 40% of large companies are going to adopt this strategy.

Marketing Online

Starting with 2019, customized marketing methods are going to involve a chatbox with its own personality. And, to convince you that this is a good solution for any company, you should know that 33% of the 5000 respondents to a poll have a positive opinion about the chatbox interaction, while 48% stated that they had a neutral opinion. You can quickly convince the latter with the help of a robot with artificial intelligence.

We’ll give you a few ideas for dealing with the changes, and you’ll choose how to attract your clients!

5. Social Media dominance

Since almost half of the world’s population has an online presence, the role of Social Media platforms in each person’s life reaches new heights.

Even though marketing people are still learning how to adapt to the impressive dynamics of online environment algorithms, it’s important to remember that Social Media platforms provide essential data with regard to people’s preferences and behavior.

Social Media

One can also observe a tendency of internauts to have more and more faith in influencers, to the detriment of classical advertising campaigns. People are encouraged to buy as a result of recommendations or reviews, and this determines companies to diversify the types and channels of communication with current and potential clients.

We expect for 2019 to establish new game rules in  Social Media, which is why we’ve already given up on just telling people about our clients. We show them!

6. Voice searches

Voice Search

2019 is not inventing voice searches, but it’s going to make them more useful. With more and more smartphone users, voice commands are becoming a convenient feature used by 3.5 billion people each day, and that’s only on Google.

Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby or Google Now are the main assistants of the billions of people making daily searches and this is changing the scope of high-performance online marketing yet again.

Voice searches are different from manual searches due to the lower number of results that they display. You definitely want to be one of the first options and, as a marketer, you want all your clients to be part of the best results. The solution? Starting with 2019, invest more in SEO optimization and keep up with technology!

In addition, on that note, you are also encouraged to create more high-quality, original content and, especially, more content that is useful to the types of audiences that you’re addressing.

Just like before, in 2019 we intent to continue supporting our clients and partners with ingenious and visionary ideas, solutions and proposals. Contact us and find out how you can take advantage of such an offer!