Millions of Romanians are gone abroad, leaving children alone, because they have no other solution. They go towards better maybe. Just that some children left home alone live true trauma and can be deeply affected by the absence of their parents.

Voltaj band is involved for many years in social projects for youth and children, because their music has always been a bridge to those with young spirit. Development opportunities, opportunities for a decent living have become an increasingly touchy topic. They have proposed to draw attention to these problems and how best that I found was to do what they know to do better, for projects that solve concrete problems. So the work “De la capat” appeared and what followed was a happy continuance of the collaboration started 5 years ago: with a wonderful Director and with people from two very involved organizations, who manage several delicate issues of Romania

Calin Goia asked us for help in this project in an evening. I said yes in the first. Nor for us is it a premiere, the Craft Interactive Agency being involved in different projects with a philanthropist faint smell: we sponsor an international blues festival, which boasts today with a history of 10 years, support the school of acting Inlight, which help anyone to individually develop, by an innovative method acting, and now this project that will receive our full effort. As Voltage does what it knows better to help, we, too, provide the experience in order to make aware the delicate position of these children, in the hope that they will have more chances to live a decent life in the future with our help.

“Children and young from Romania who are in need, whether it’s the kind of spiritual or material, access to education, must be at the Centers of our attention. If we want that Romania tomorrow be as we want all of us, then we must take care of them!” (Calin Goia)

Children are the world of tomorrow! Let’s help them to take it from the start.

Later edit: #alloveragain message goes forward to Eurovision 2015 , Voltaj being the winners of finals in Romania!