We don’t usually measure our behaviour, we don’t analyse how much we buy from an online store each month, how many times we visit it or what the annual amount paid to a company for products or services is. However, today’s digital marketers know all this and more about the people that they are addressing.

Date in marketing digital

Online Performance influenced by data

By data, we don’t mean personal data, we mean people’s behaviour in the digital environment, measuring the frequency of visits to websites, the number of digital channels that people use to search for information about a company, how long we take to decide to act, what subjects we’re interested in, etc.

You can’t optimize what you don’t measure

On the other side, in today’s digital marketing, people measure as many statistics as possible and try to invest in channels, performance rate or the most efficient keywords for businesses, integrated with the financial results.

Crestere marketing digital

You can measure your ”own backyard” almost in real time, analysing which banner, title or colour works best in online activations, which pages of the site perform better or why potential customers give up at a certain point in the action process – whether it’s lead generation, direct sales, newsletter subscriptions or app downloads. The main activity of digital marketing has become a constant optimization of each possible aspect.

KPI monitored on a daily basis

The highest conversion rate, the lowest cost per click, the highest return on advertising spend (ROAS)… are objectives occupying the minds of all the people involved in the digital mix in companies with a defined online strategy.

Optimizare date marketing digital

Data necessary for optimization

Audience information is used proactively in digital activities to assist online marketing processes more than ever.

  • Email Marketing sends dynamic messages only displayed for certain people, based on who they are or what they’ve done, based on their interests or the situation that the newsletter subscribers find themselves in.
  • Google Adwords campaigns are customized based on the audience, through RSLA (Remarketing List for Search Ads) or Display Remarketing, thus delivering the ideal message, on the most active device, on the right day, at the right time, with the most attractive message.
  • The traces left by people on Social Media are reused, distributed from one network to another, from one device to another or by integrating data from other channels, such as, for example, newsletter subscribers correlated in Social Media audiences through data learning and artificial intelligence.

Marketing Online

Everything is connected

We visit a brand’s website and then see customized messages on Instagram, after we click we see a video on Facebook about the brand and, then we search for it on Google and see an ad with a customized offer from that brand and, after visiting the website again and performing an action, we receive a newsletter with information of interest, that seems like it was tailor-made just for us.

Social Media Marketing

The Win-Win-Win situation

Platforms deliver results that are better and better and increase their profits, online marketing professionals increase the performance of the businesses that they are in charge of, optimizing budgets even through better targeting, and people get information that is more relevant and perform more and more actions desired by the companies through their online properties.

The current digital world is more than fascinating, a global synergy through pocket devices, portals to the connected world, anywhere, anytime.