Before giving you some hints on Email Marketing, we challenge you to go to your mailbox and have a look at the last 3 advertising mails you received, whether you have already opened them or not.

Identify one element which attracts you in each one of them.

It may be the headline, the call-to-action or the copywriting or design. Anything.

Now find in each one of them one aspect that you did not like or which was a disappointment once you opened your mail. Maybe you expected better graphics, customization, or more information? Look closely and remember these elements.

Building a truly efficient email marketing strategy in 2019 is not quite mission impossible, but it is no piece of cake, either. In the course of time, we have experienced enough to understand that the perfect mix is obtained from efficient tools and an active imagination, adjusted to the preferences of the target audience.

Whereas numerous marketers find the Email Marketing method to be outdated, we chose to rely not only on Social Media or Google Ads campaigns in order to fulfil our mission.

His method ranked as the most efficient channel attracting visitors and stimulating sales in 2017, according to Smart Insights. Things have not changed too much over the past 2 years. On the contrary!

Given that we are ever more connected to our mobile phones, accessing our inbox is easy, wherever we may be. Moreover, our jobs, whether they are in an office or on site, involve the management of most tasks or communicating with our colleagues and partners by email. As a fact, worldwide, there are 3 times as many e-mail addresses as there are Twitter and Facebook accounts together. In other words, wherever you may go, even if you are on vacation, you remain connected to your e-mail.

campanii email marketing public tinta

The same is valid for your target audience.

To respond to their needs and to bring them as close to your brand as possible, use this ingenious and permissive marketing method.

However, every business has a different audience, with particular dynamics and varied interests. That is the reason why newsletter campaigns are just as demanding as any other. Give them enough time and interest and you will be wowed by the results.


So, here are several efficient steps to identify the email marketing solution most appropriate for your business:


Target audience

Although the identification of the target persons is one of the fundamental steps in launching a business, the group to which you can and/or want to send newsletters to may be more restricted. Discover the people who may be interested in your messages, who want to receive news and updates on the products and services you provide.

To this end, choose to build a database of email addresses, while keeping the GDPR regulations in mind. For the success of email marketing campaigns, do not buy the database, create your own list of subscribers, persuading people to join you due to the quality and professionalism you provide.

To ensure a longstanding relationship with your subscribers, try to know them as well as possible. Use polls, questionnaires and feedback forms to understand their behavior, so as to respond to their needs and preferences in the most efficient possible way.

Moreover, remember that you can reach your business mass faster using email marketing rather than Social Media. 90% of emails reach their intended destination, whereas only 2% of the business page followers see the Facebook posts.

email marketing pentru afaceri


Carefully determine the purpose of the email marketing campaigns. Depending on the field you are activating in and on the specific character of your work, the purposes may vary from the sale of products and services to the improvement of engagement, if you are a blogger, or to reconnecting with your subscribers after a break period.

Once it is determined, the purpose of your emails will dictate how you create, draw up and send messages to the target audience. Choose carefully what is most appropriate for your business profile and do this as naturally as possible.


The email marketing platform

There are dozens of modern and updated solutions for quality email marketing campaigns, programs which fulfil ever more varied and surprising functions. Choose one which is easy to use and has a permissive interface, which stimulates your creativity. At the same time, remember that the program needs to facilitate the optimization of the email you are sending for laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

You need a solution which responds to your requirements and to your business type, because a blogger will always have different approaches and needs as compared to a government institution or a bank, for instance.

Don’t choose a program just because it has excellent reviews, choose the one with the best feedback among the ones which correspond to your needs.

The best programs need to provide options to change and customize the design of your emails, in an era where the visual matters the most! Moreover, it is essential for the solution you choose to include instruments analyzing the campaigns’ performance.


Copywriting and design

No newsletter can be good enough if it does not have smart copywriting, always new and informative, which is distinguished by the quality of information and by the capacity to persuade people to interact more with your brand.

And, since copywriting and design go hand in hand, graphics cannot be treated superficially, either. Play as much as possible with the options you have, segment your email so as to make it easy-to-read, use colors to draw attention to the elements of interest, and bring something new in every mail you send.


Links and Call-to-action

Last, but not least, identify the elements you want to promote. It may be a recently launched product, the reactivation of the blog section or a new Social Media page you are aiming to enhance. Whatever it may be, use links to send the subscriber directly to the respective pages.

Also, the call-to-action should be present in every email, even when its purpose is merely informative. Email marketing campaigns should attract as many customers as possible to the website or to the pages providing the services and products you bring on the market. That is the reason why the call-to-action and the creative mode in which you highlight it are the elements which will complete every successful email marketing campaign.



Go back to the 3 newsletters and reanalyze the strong points and the weaknesses you identified at the beginning.

Relying on the 5 above-listed points, which one is the winning email?

Is it the same one you would have chosen before reading this article?

What about the best Email Marketing option for your business?

If you want to make sure that every newsletter bears the much-wanted fruit, contact us and we will help you!