For the second consecutive year, we’ve put smiles on the faces of thousands of Romanians together with Crystal Dental Clinic. The figures that we had to show at the end of 2018 are once again proof of the fact that you can ensure high performance by fusing the online environment with the practice’s successes.  

Dentistry is a competitive field, where patients rigorously select the clinics and doctors that they trust. However, this collaboration has challenged us to establish a new standard in terms of digital marketing, especially because we’ve become part of the Crystal Dental Clinic team.

In early 2018

We checked the numeric indicators from the previous year in order to figure out what approach to take in the new stage of online development.  In our monthly and annual analyses, figures are essential instruments, that help us assess the activity and determine new marketing directions.


New business plans

Together, we established a new objective – reaching 1,500 new patients brought in through the online platforms and growing the entire marketing, overall, by promoting the clinic as a premium brand.

In the past, our purpose had been to build an integrated online marketing mix in order to increase brand awareness and, implicitly, to ensure new customers for the clinic. In order to take advantage of our successes, 2018 started by redirecting almost 100% of the marketing strategies from offline to online.



For this initiative, it was useful for us to systematise how the content that was going to be shared would be created. Thus, the images, videos, information and articles were produced in advance, stored and organised using a precise and advantageous system in order to make our day-to-day work, not to mention the clinic’s work, more efficient.

Experience matters

Not only for the Crystal Dental Clinic doctors, but for us as well. With the experience of one full year of work in this field, we were aware from the beginning of the flow, history and type of patients that use the clinic’s services throughout 12 months. Thus, we managed to adapt our digital marketing strategy.

The messages of the campaigns managed by us reached 1,114,538 people on Facebook, while the Google display campaigns reached an impressive number of 4.95 million, obtaining 176,442 clicks.

At the end of the year, what we had to show was a conversion rate of 1.2% and the satisfaction of the customers that were treated at the clinic. In fact, the number that precisely measures our work and the work of the doctors is the number of patients smiling.



Social Media changes

Made us take a different approach to our strategy in 2018. The ever-changing algorithms do nothing but hinder the plans made for promotion on social media. Despite Facebook and Instagram’s algorithmic games, we managed to expand communication and organically grow the number of fans by over 4,000 on Facebook and to reach over 1,800 Instagram followers. Therefore, the Social Media community has grown and strengthened, as can be seen by the rise in engagement.



No one is born with knowledge

But today you can get useful information from more and more diverse sources. In 2018, we aimed to not only bring customers into the clinic, but to also educate as many people as possible using all the means at our disposal. First of all, we used the Facebook and Instagram profiles to share the secrets of ideal oral care through original posts and articles.

Once more, the power of content marketing was plain to see.  The 23 articles published on the website and shared on Facebook and specialized websites managed to make the clinic more of an authority in the field, while also generating search engine growth and 207,000 visitors to the website, of which 76% were new.



Email Marketing on next level

In a period when consumer expectations (in our case, patient expectations) are on the rice, the approach must be customized as much as possible and several communication channels must be used, so as to maintain interest levels high at all times and surprise people with each interaction.

In the year that just ended, we developed a marketing automation customer journey based on the experiences and interests of Crystal Dental Clinic’s patients. This was 75% customized for each patient, thus ensuring its success. In total, we sent 68,687 newsletters with an average open rate of 23%. Therefore, the doctors’ advice reached more and more people that were interested in their dental health and hygiene.



But we didn’t stop there

In a system based on visual content, we focused information even more and managed to make it more appealing to our target audience. The videos created at the clinic were shared online and reached 68,158 views on YouTube. Another success!




We celebrated 15 years of Crystal Dental Clinic

In its expanded form and in the current location. At first, there was only Dr. Sorina Blaj, who launched her own dental clinic with professionalism, passion and enthusiasm. Over time, the team expanded and now consists of 50 members, of which 20 experienced doctors, with strong ethical values. By extension, Craft Interactive has been part of this team for the last two years, working closely with the Crystal Dental Clinic team to bring smiles to the faces of as many people as possible.



At the end of 2018

We drew the line and admired our marketing successes. Not only did we manage to implement new digital strategy and successfully educate more people with regard to oral care, but we brought in 1,610 new patients, surpassing our annual objective. Now these patients are enjoying premium dentistry services.