Instagram – The starting moment

Everything began 8 years ago, when a young man named Kevin Systrom posted a photo on a social network which no one had ever heard before. That was the moment. The start was given.


In time, over 800 million users have adopted this app. Billions of pictures have been lost among others and some will turn into viral for either a shorter or a longer period of time.

Millions of hashtags will come to be overused, other millions will be born from the desire to draw attention to a particular thing. Countless virtual friendships will be created, while many other communities will be formed. Everything appeared and will appear around the same idea. That „come to show you”, that „come to see”, that „do not miss”, defining content that wants to be pleasant, approved, praised and distributed.


Who are we posting on Instagram for?

Each one of us have our own reasons why we want to offer our creations in exchange, with the attention of those who follow us. Namely, we refer to those people whose opinion mean so much for us, the ones for whom, after a while, we get to create content for.

Those people may finally be the ones that dictate the evolution of our Instagram account. Therefore, they can dictate our habits, or the schedule of our days, indirectly. All those people are the ones who can have the most powerful word when we want to make a change. Also, we struggle with their feedback the moment we want to express the way we are, in fact. But most of the time we choose the mask that is the most attractive for others, instead of the one which allow our relatives to recognize us, in real life.


Be yourself on Instagram

At this moment, Instagram is not just a trend, it’s the trend. It’s not just a social phenomenon it is the social phenomenon. It is not just a place where people find inspiration, this social network is an inspiration by itself from all points of view. It is the place where almost 1 billion people (soon) will come to live, in their own world, according to their own rules, wanting to be like one or the other.

Finally, we believe that the most important thing, no matter where we would be, is to be authentic. Regardless of what environment it is about, our development will reach the most prolific level only if we can express ourselves as we really are. However, pursuing inspirational people is perfectly normal. To seek in others the things we want for us too, is also normal, as long as it truly represents us.


Original is still original

There are two main reasons for bringing this into discussion.

  • First, because being original is still original in the true sense of the word.
  • Secondly, because being part of a social platform is one of the most beneficial thing we can enjoy… if we know how to handle the steps of our own story and the time it takes.

Therefore we just want you to find the right answers, we want that your online journey to be one that represents you, and we also believe that it is vital to enjoy being part of this world.

Otherwise, what is the point of continuing to go towards a particular something, if on the way you discover that „at the end” you will get a result that you will not be able to identify with?

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