How do you choose a Google Certified Marketing Agency?

Many marketers offer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as one of the many services to help people find what they are looking for online.

While Google Ads is one of the best ways to increase your online visibility, proper use of the platform is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, many agencies working with Google Ads take a casual approach to using the platform, which significantly impacts the performance of promotional campaigns.

The risk that a business faces when choosing to work with a digital marketing agency that does not know exactly what it is doing and is not certified by Google to properly manage Google Ads PPC campaigns, is to pay a lot of money without seeing significant results.

Google Partner

How can you avoid such situations? Choose a Google partner marketing agency!

Google Partner Certified Agencies have teams of Google Certified Professionals who have passed extensive certification exams, met strict standards, have the performance score required by Google, and have proven their understanding of past account management.

In addition, in order to obtain Google Partner certification, agencies must meet the requirements for advertising spending (spent quarterly), thus proving that they are active and reliable.

Certified marketing agencies work with Google

Google Ads Certified Agencies have an advantage in working directly with Google. This is a must when it comes to keeping up with the ever-changing tools and services.

A certified agency can also speak directly with Google about account optimization and receive information and training on new features in the Google Ads platform. Google representatives often contact certified agencies and schedule appointments with their client accounts to provide support for the best results in advertising campaigns.

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Google partners are constantly being evaluated

When an agency becomes a Google partner, it receives the official certification badge, a public digital diploma to validate the certification. Therefore, these partners are constantly evaluated at the highest level.

Google maintains high standards when it comes to good advertising practices. These are the tactics that agencies need to follow in order to continue to be certified by Google.

This strict and constant level of verification and improvement ensures that the certified agency manages your advertising account correctly, resulting in the best return on investment (ROI).

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Google partners are very familiar with the digital advertising platform

Google Ads platform ranges from simple click-through rate optimization, increased Quality Scores, and landing page experiences. Advanced areas may include the correct techniques for adjusting bids, updating negative keywords, matching keyword types, setting automated rules to help maintain the full potential of your account, and more.

A Google Certified Agency is very familiar with  Google Ads platform and will help your business get better results from your investment by strategically optimizing your online advertising.


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Choosing an online marketing agency is a difficult task. If you know what your business needs are, a certified marketing agency will help you achieve the goals you have set. As marketing is constantly changing and new technologies are emerging and due to the fact that certifications in the field are renewed annually, Google Certified Agencies keep up with current trends and are regularly evaluated to keep the standard of performance as high as possible.

Why assume that you know what the marketing agency is doing when you can be sure of that?